6 Ways to Instantly Add Character to Your House

Have you ever wondered why, even after living in your house for months or years, it still doesn’t totally feel like home? In most cases, it’s because the design and décor is still very generic. If you want to make your house feel like a home, you have to give it some character using this home remodeling & renovation guide.

6 Ways to Infuse Character Into your Home

They say home is where the heart is. But what does it say about you if your house is indistinguishable from every other house on the block? Laminate flooring, cheap countertops, cliché décor, standard kitchen hardware…do you really want your house to look identical to your neighbor’s house? To some people, this isn’t a big deal. But if you’re like most, you’d prefer your little slice of the world to be unique and indicative of your stylistic preferences.

Having said that, here are some simple, yet effective ways to quickly add character to your home.

1. Add Greenery

Does your house feel cold and lifeless? One way to quite literally breathe life into your home is by adding greenery. Plants and flowers not only serve the purpose of purifying your home’s air, but they also provide a unique visual appearance.

One piece of advice: don’t buy your plants at a store like Walmart or Home Depot. “Purchase houseplants from your local nursery rather than at a big box retailer,” one designer suggests. “They often offer healthier plants, usually pesticide free, and have been taking care of them for some time. They are usually fully acclimated to the region rather than just having been shipped from another state and put out onto the sales floor.”

2. Switch Up Flooring

When it comes to the floor beneath your feat, you probably assume there are just a few options. There’s carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate, tile, and some other basic choices. But who says you have to go with a classic look? Your home’s flooring has a big impact on the overall look and feel, so put some thought into it.

Flip through this slideshow of images and you’ll see some unique suggestions – including wood tiles, hand-painted floors, and concrete. Another good choice is to use reclaimed hardwood flooring, which provides some rustic appeal.

Not keen on ripping up your existing flooring and putting down something new? Some tasteful area rugs can make a difference. As Chairish explains, “It’s all about tone-on-tone pattern these days, which infuses just the subtlest hint of something going on underfoot without drawing the eye away from those sexy side tables. Ground your room with a rug that’s soothing in both color and print.”

3. Change Out the Front Door

Your home’s front door says a lot about you. It’s one of the first things people notice and often makes a big first impression. By replacing or refinishing your front door to something that fits your style, you can make a huge design statement and instantly introduce some character to the house.

Feel free to get really creative. There are no hard and fast rules here. You can use different materials, colors, styles, and hardware. Check out these unique design options for a little inspiration.

4. Buy Statement Furniture Pieces

It’s easy to go to a store like Ikea and pick up everything you need for a room in one fell swoop, but are you really that simple? You may like a couple of items in the set, but your design preferences go far beyond what some Ikea designer thinks is attractive.

If you want to add some character to your living areas, invest in statement furniture pieces. A rustic coffee table in the living rom or a modern light fixture in the dining room can make a big difference.

5. Replace Hardware

Good interior design isn’t just about nailing the big-picture things. It’s just as much about paying attention to the details. One detail that can make or break your home’s “look” is hardware. From door locks to drawer pulls, the hardware throughout your home makes a statement. Go for something more unique than the five or six styles found at your local store.

6. Purchase Handmade Decor

Nothing against signs that say things like “Live, Laugh, Love,” but you’re better than that. Buying cheap decorations from a store is the easy way out. If you want your home to have it’s own unique style and character, take your time and purchase handmade décor.

Local craft fairs, festivals and markets are awesome places to find handmade décor. Antique shops also have unique pieces that you don’t see everywhere. Slowly accumulate these items one at a time and you’ll eventually have décor that you’re proud of.

Help Your House Stand Out

There’s no better feeling than having someone enter your home and tell you how beautiful it is. Knowing that other people find your house attractive makes you feel warm inside. But there’s something even more enjoyable than having guests dish out compliments– it’s being able to sit in your living room on a quiet evening and look around with pride and satisfaction.

When you have a house that exudes character and charm, it’s hard not to be proud of it. It takes time and effort to transform a cookie cutter house into a highly personal home, but any energy you put into the process will be rewarded in ways that are immeasurable.