7 Reasons Why You Should Try Diamond Painting – 2020 Guide

Due to the excess of free time on our hands during the pandemic, everyone has been looking for new skills to learn and new hobbies to explore. And so, the art of diamond painting has recently gained popularity among both the art enthusiasts and the layman artists alike. 


Diamond painting is a new form of art that has its roots in the East. This artistic hobby hybridizes the techniques of paint-by-numbers and cross-stitch to create mosaic art pieces that dazzle and wow the spectator. The craft of diamond painting utilizes the application of colorful resin rhinestones over a colored canvas to produce a sparkly, glitzy 3-D image. 


Paint with diamonds is a craft that requires a specific set of tools that come with its own kit. The kit contains:

  • A highly pigmented painting on a canvas. Some companies offer the option to turn your own paintings into a canvas for diamond painting. 
  • Rhinestone “diamonds” in packets with numbers coordinated with the canvas. 
  • A plastic tray to lay out all the stones orderly before painting them onto the canvas. 
  • Applicator pen and wax sheet used to pick up the stones and attach them to the painting. 
  • An extra-sharp tweezer to correct any mistakes. 
  • And, an instructions manual. 


Being such an easy to do project, it is no wonder that diamond painting has gained so much fame in its short history. Becoming an artist without having even an ounce of creativity in one’s self is enough reason for anyone to try this new activity and have fun with it. Diamond painting is a fascinating and pleasant experience that is entertaining for all to enjoy! 


Besides being an interesting new hobby to learn, diamond painting offers a wide range of advantages and benefits that make its popularity worth it. Here we discuss some of the reasons why you should try diamond painting in 2020:

  1. Fun while Multitasking

Diamond painting is a form of art that allows you to have fun and produce work that is worth displaying in your own house. All you have to do is buy a diamond painting kit, find a nice spot in a corner and get to work. It can also be coupled with other activities that would be rather mundane on their own, such as listening to songs or a podcast, watching tv or attending an online lecture!

  1. Relaxing and Therapeutic

After a long day at work, everyone looks for an outlet to relax and decompress. Some opt for the gym, some prefer reading, while some choose sleep as a stress reliever. Painting is also considered a beneficial activity in helping release the strain on the mind and the body that one intake while working

Painting through Diamonds is an amazingly therapeutic way to reduce stress and relax after a tiring day or week. It can be considered as a type of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT) as it is both curative and meditative to spend time painting and creating art. Coupling diamond painting with a peaceful environment can help one let go of all their anger and sadness, and just bask in the serenity that art provides. There are several meditation arts diamond painting kits available all over the internet to make the experience even more worthwhile. 

  1. Me-time 

Diamond painting is something that becomes easier as you keep going at it. So, once you are completely immersed in the project and are working on it obviously, your mind can just drift off to other aspects of your life. You can finally have the “me-time” that you have been craving for so long. Being busy all the time with work and other social commitments, you never get a chance to sit back and ponder over your life and what meaning does your existence have. With diamond painting, you have hours to think about all of that while creating an amazing art work of your own. 

So just go ahead and think about your life and your future. No one would disturb your musings. 

  1. Available for All

Diamond painting is a simple DIY project available for all. It is strangely addictive and once you’re hooked on a project, you can’t stop until you finish. It invokes the creative parts of the brain and lets the imagination run wild. There are so many different canvases and kits available nowadays that anyone can get creative and find the artist within themselves. Even if the painting is already available, one can be precise and meticulous in placing the stones on to the canvas and feel like a true artist when they see the finished product.

Diamond painting can soothe the artistic cravings of people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders since it does not require getting your hands dirty and the meticulously finished final product can be rather satisfying.  

  1. Belief in one’s own artistic abilities 

Being “creative” is not everyone’s cup of tea, but should that stop you from creating spectacular paintings by yourself? Of course not! Thus, diamond painting allows you to explore the artist within you by following simple instructions and a step-by-step guide to creating a masterpiece. It is recommended for all ages, even different types of kits available for different age groups and level of artistic maturity. You can start at the beginner level and work your way up. 

Diamond painting gives every ordinary person a chance to create an extraordinary art piece all by themselves and feel the pride that comes with framing your work and displaying it for the world to see! 

  1. Something other than technology 

Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives and we are left in a constant mode of Scroll. Click. Like. Share. Binge. Repeat. 

We are stuck to our mobile, laptop, tablet or tv screens, more than we ought to. This consistent bond with technology is having deteriorating effects on the health of individuals all over the globe and so, everyone is looking for a way to save themselves. Under these conditions, diamond painting provides a creative outlet for us to spend our time without straining our eyes and brain. One small to medium canvas takes days to complete and one is not satisfied until they see the finished project. Hence, it demands undivided attention and therefore, disconnects one from the constant pull of technology. 

Diamond painting can be a perfect substitute for the endless scrolling that we tend to do on our social media, since it is both time-consuming and satisfying! 

  1. Becoming a part of a community 

Learning a new skill comes with the added advantage of meeting new people who share the same passions as you. With diamond painting steadily picking up notoriety all over the world, it is not difficult to find several groups and forums dedicated to the art and its lovers. Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest etc. are a great way to start looking for groups that regularly discuss diamond painting and share skill enhancing tips with one another. 


There may also be several other forums and channels available all over the internet in the form of blogs and YouTube videos where one can meet new individuals with similar interests and, hopefully, make lifelong connections.

All in all, diamond painting is an interesting new technique to learn and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Grab a diamond painting kit today and allow yourself to feel the joy and elation of creating something unique.