8 Things You Need to Know About Zynn
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8 Things You Need to Know About Zynn

Whether you like to show off your makeup application tips with avid followers, or you spend countless hours perusing funny fail videos, you’re most likely already a fan of short-video sharing platforms. Though you may be quite familiar with the inner-workings of various apps, you’ll be surprised to discover all of the ways that newly released short-video app Zynn differs from the rest. Released merely months ago, Zynn quickly topped the Apple App Store and Google Play Store charts. With droves of downloads and a quickly-growing fan base, Zynn swiftly became a favorite for social media enthusiasts ready for a different experience. If you’re considering downloading the app, or are already enamored with Zynn, read on for the fun facts behind the most innovative short-video app on the market.

1. You Don’t Have to Be a Cinematic Genius to Use Zynn

Have you ever witnessed a magical moment that you imagined would make a beautiful movie? Perhaps you reached for your phone, hit “record”, and waited for what would undoubtedly be a cinematic masterpiece? Were you disappointed to find a blurry, shaky, and otherwise indiscernible mess? Fear not, Zynn is here to help you capture the moments you were always meant to share. Allowing even the most novice users to create aesthetically perfect videos, Zynn features various internal settings to automatically enhance visual quality. This ensures Hollywood quality output for fledgling creators.

Additionally, Zynn has a robust variety of video editing tools ready to take your videos to the next level. From allowing users to crop unintentional onlookers ruining the background scenery, to sharpening foreground features to draw attention to particular fields of focus, Zynn’s video editing tools allow users to be in charge. With the capability to control the visual outcome of captured videos, Zynn creators can successfully showcase powerful moments, talents, adventures, and the beauty of the world around them. 

2. You Can Add Flair in a Few Swipes

In addition to enhancing the technical quality of video, Zynn allows users to easily spice up their videos through a variety of in-app effects. With a few swipes of a finger, creators can add fun visual effects to videos, dressing them up to showcase individuality, energy, and personality. These personalization and customization tools showcase Zynn’s ongoing commitment to authenticity and unlimited self-expression.

A vast library of stickers that can be instantly added to videos makes it easy to add fun details to videos. From sparkling unicorns to viral images, Zynn’s extensive library of stickers begs to be used for how-tos, tutorials, talent videos, and dance-offs. The app’s text effects allow users to send a particular message along with their videos, share hashtags, and express thoughts in a creative way. Recently, Zynn also launched the magic effects capability. With a single swipe, users can be transformed into cute caricatures, cuddly animals, and interactive characters. With the popularity of this feature on other platforms, the addition of magic effects on Zynn showcases the app’s commitment to continued evolution, user satisfaction, and trend setting capabilities.

3. You Can Create Your Own Soundtracks

To maximize the effects of videos, Zynn features an exhaustive library of audio clips, sound effects, and auditory snippets that can be added to videos. From popular theme songs to perfect sound effects, these audio effects can transform plain video clips into full-fledged experiences. 

As part of a recent update and relaunch, Zynn added the “audio soundtrack” capability, allowing users to upload their own original songs and sounds. Creators can then add these personal soundtracks to videos, save songs to their profiles, and easily share their soundtracks. Not only does this allow total freedom of expression, it allows budding musicians to showcase and share their talents to growing audiences in a streamlined and direct fashion. 

4. You’ll Be Seen and Heard Regardless of Follower Count

While some apps tend to favor Influencers, celebrities, and brands in terms of promoting content, Zynn treats all users equally. Committed to equality and visibility for all users, Zynn ensures that all content is equally distributed, and that all users receive the same opportunity for their videos to be seen by others. Regardless of follower count, likes, profile content, or other characteristics, videos are all distributed based on a bespoke algorithm that utilizes intuitive learning. 

5. You’ll Find Diverse Content

Due to this bespoke algorithm at work, Zynn users will also never find stale content, or repeatedly recommended videos hailing mainly from Influencers. Instead, the innovative algorithm will showcase a wider range of recommended videos, increasing diversity of content. If you find yourself seeking inspiration, entertainment, and something new, Zynn is the perfect place to discover fresh content, new creators, and everyday people embarking on adventures.

6. Zynn is Committed to Their Mission Statement

Focused on propelling inclusivity, authenticity, and diversity, Zynn champions these mission statements at every turn. From the app’s intuitive algorithm to user-centric marketing efforts, Zynn continues to focus on being a safe and fun place for all users to explore, create, and share. Zynn’s

campaign celebrates the many talents and creative accomplishments of users, further propelling the pledge for inclusivity and authenticity.

Additionally, Zynn also focuses on showcasing the lives of everyday people, and celebrates people from all backgrounds, beliefs, and interests. The app highlights the unique experiences of all users, and Zynn invites all users to express themselves. Zynn’s tagline “Be seen, be heard, be you” is the ultimate expression of the app’s mission statement.

7. Zynn Encourages Interaction

Inherently social in nature, Zynn encourages interaction through easy-to-use infrastructure designed to make conversation easy. Viewers enjoying videos can easily reach creators, and other fans of the content via comments and direct messages. This ease of communication propels social interaction, and adds to the overarching social nature of the app. Additionally, through various #zynnchallenges, the app propels the spirit of camaraderie to bring people together through action. 

8. You Can Always Find Something New

Since Zynn’s inaugural launch, the app has already garnered an impressive update, with the rollout of added features. If this initial time frame acts as a mirrorball, the future is sure to include continued updates, evolutions, and changes that will continue to make the app exciting, fun, and unique. With growing numbers of fans joining the ranks, Zynn continues to enjoy a vast variety of content, ensuring that there is always a surprise ahead. From discovering new talents, to witnessing hilarious moments, you can expect to always find something new on Zynn.

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