Best Online Games for Playing Online with Friends

Whether you are done with all the party activities you can think of, or looking for a way to spice up the game night, gambling online with your pals can always come to your rescue.

It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s bound to add some shrills of laughter and sighs of agony from your friends. 

Excited already? Then check out some of the best casino games for gambling online with friends. One disclaimer – you may need a couple of extra beers and a generous amount of munchies while playing these highly entertaining live games.

Deal or No Deal Live

No need to worry about choosing the perfect game when you have a large group of friends coming over. Just head to a licensed online casino and enjoy punting on Deal or No Deal Live any time of the day. 

If your friends are not familiar with live casino games, Deal or No Deal Live is an excellent way to impress them with a unique and exceptional gambling session.

The game show features a live host and a hostess, so even if you have got a few silent members, you will still remain entertained every moment. 

So, you start the game by spinning a three-reel vault to be qualified for the next round. Then, choose a briefcase and increase your prize money. In the third round, you make the real move by predicting whether the money in the other briefcases are greater than what the banker has offered. 

Once the numbers are revealed, then comes the “Deal or No Deal” question, and you are offered a cash amount in exchange for your briefcase’s contents.


If you have already tried a few live games from Evolution Gaming, then you have an idea of how exciting their casino staples are. A game night is a perfect excuse to show off your favourites to your friends.

Simply visit AllGambling for the best gambling sites offering MONOPOLY live and watch the bankroll increasing to outsmart each other in a friendly competition.

Now, what makes this game different from other Monopoly games lies in the fact that here you directly play against the casino, not your friends. To keep you guys company, there will be a charming host who will spin the wheel and maintain the entertaining ambience at the same time.

All you have to do is to bet on a certain number on which the wheel may potentially stop. Predict right, and get some high5s from your pals. Predict wrong, well, there’s always the next bet to look forward to.

Crazy Time Live 

Adorned with a vibrant colour scheme, Crazy Time Live is one of the most interactive and entertaining game shows to play with friends online.

It’s packed with a giant money wheel, 4 distinct bonus rounds, and a jackpot prize worth up to 160,000x the stake! What more could you want for a thrilling game session with your favourites?

While the spinning is done by a live host, the outcomes remain random due to the RNG (Random Number Generator) technology enabled in the game. So, no need to stress about fairness when you are playing Crazy Time Live at AllGambling online gambling sites. 

The best aspect of this game is that it’s super easy to play; even dummies may be able to earn some cash by betting on the number and the bonus games. The stake is not a big concern either, as you can start with a mere £0.10 and go as high as £1,000 per round. 

Regardless of the outcome, this game is sure to bring some cheer and boos, ensuring a great night to be remembered by you and your buddies alike.

Mega Ball 

If you can’t decide between bingo and lotteries, get them both in Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball. This fantastic casino game is about glitz and glam with golden décor and a lively game show host. As Mega Ball is pretty simple and fast-paced, there’s no scope for long breaks between each round. 

To play the game, you can start by buying some cards with values ranging from £0.10 to a whopping £100 per round! You need at least one card to be qualified for the bet; however, you can play with up to 200 cards at once.

As soon as you are done with the wagering part, a total of 51 balls are released inside the ball. The machine then draws 20 balls in a row, and if the number of any of the balls matches with your card, you will have cash rolling in your account. 

If your friend starts feeling a bit competitive, switch to the Mega Ball round where you get to bet with multipliers on your side. Here, the machine will be spun with multipliers activated from 5x to 100x.

When the last ball (Mega Ball) is drawn, and it fills up lines, you will be rewarded with the active multipliers on your winnings.

What to Consider while Gambling Online with Friends 

As much exciting as gambling online with your friends sounds, there are a few restrictions that you must bear in mind while inciting them to online casinos.

The first and foremost requirement is legality – ensure all your companions are over 18 or past the minimum age set by your selected gambling site.

Up next, comes the monetary part. Like most online board games, you can definitely choose to play it in the free version; however, to enjoy the games to their maximum potential, give the real money version a shot. 

As you form a mindset to gambling online with your friends, be sure to join a safe and licensed casino for smooth and satisfactory gaming sessions.

If you don’t feel like wasting time searching for a legit one, consider visiting AllGambling for safe gambling sites and find your desired casino in a few simple clicks.

Now that you are all prepped up with the basics, invite your friends for a fun-filled casino session right in your living room and enjoy punting away with your dear ones sitting by your side.