Broadcasting Services: The Top Players in the Market

We’re a nation of statistics. Here’s another: over 235m Americans consume digital video.

The upshot of this is simple; this is a huge business. Broadcasting services have stepped in and almost pulled the carpet from beneath traditional cable’s feet.

It’s worth mentioning that the likes of Netflix and Hulu are not broadcasting services themselves; they actually use these Over-the-top platforms. This is what a lot of people fail to understand, there are other players in the business which perhaps get overlooked.

As today’s title may have already suggested, this is going to be the purpose of this post. We’re going to now take a look at some of the best OTT platforms around, whether it’s for your own genuine personal interest, or if you are a budding content creator who is desperate to find out more about the technology.

Red Bee Media

The first OTT platform we will take a look at comes in the form of Red Bee Media. With over 20,000 hours of live programming played every week through this company, it would be fair to describe them as fast-growing.

As reliability is critical for any content creator, Red Bee’s 1.7m subscribers per month is a testament to the quality of the platform and service. There are three options to go by, including a CDN, managed and self-service solution.


In comparison to some OTT services, one of the main USPs that Dacast live by is the way in which they can amplify content to the Chinese market, which tends to be something that some providers struggle with.

Of course, there are other features. They have various APIs which you can tap into to develop your own platform, while they also run from the Akamai CDN which means reliability and quality is never an issue.

IBM Watson Media

What about those organizations who are looking for the next big enterprise solution? Let’s turn to IBM Watson Media.

This is one of the more costly solutions but naturally arrives with the reliability of the IBM brand, as well as several intriguing features. Its analytical features, including real-time measuring, are regarded as some of the best out there, while it uses several CDNs to ensure that all markets are catered for.

It’s possible to host videos, live stream and even automate speech to test but again, this all comes with the IBM price premium.

Vimeo OTT

Another big name comes in the form of Vimeo OTT. Most of us know Vimeo for its other services, but it has made great progress with its OTT offering over recent times.

It’s regarded as something of an all-in-one solution, providing users with a quick dashboard to manage, control and publish all of their videos in one location. There are also several options for customizing the tool to your brand, which is a must-have for many broadcasters.

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