‘Counter-Strike’ player “KennyS” Falls on Stage With His Tournament Trophy!

Kenny ‘KennyS’ Schrub after going down with the trophy.

Image: esl/youtube

Counter-Strike pro Kenny “KennyS” Schrub was the undeniable MVP during Sunday’s ESL Pro League Season 5 grand finals as he racked up kill after kill to push G2 Esports to victory the team’s first win at a premier-level tournament in nearly a year.

In typical Counter-Strike fashion, confetti rained down on the stage in Dallas, Texas as G2 Esports hoisted its giant trophy into the air. After short player interviews, KennyS picked up the monstrous trophy and carried it off camera.

CS:GO observer Heather “Sapphire” Garozzo was standing on the side of the stage and shared what happened next on Twitter:

After carrying his team over grand finalists North, KennyS was out of carrying energy, it appears.

KennyS, possibly distracted by his happiness, appears to have slipped on the confetti that piled up on stage and went down with the huge ESL Pro League trophy. Reddit user WildPants123 thinks KennyS fell, and Kenny’s face in the third picture seems to suggest that he didn’t end up on the ground on purpose.

Either way, at least he had the wisdom to break the trophy’s fall with his own body.

KennyS tweeted out the photo of the fall himself, thanking the North American crowd for its support of the all-French team.

KennyS had a stellar performance throughout the tournament, landing insane shots with the AWP sniper rifle for key kills and clutch wins.

G2’s Alexandre “Bodyy” Pianaro also performed phenomenally, tearing through North round after round until the end.

G2 Esports walked away with $225,000 on Sunday. That should be enough to get KennyS an icepack or two for any bruises he sustained after the finals.

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