Demet Lee Oger Leverages Positive Relationships and Networking to Grow Her Career

The entertainment industry can be a challenging place to succeed; however, by getting to know people, networking, and fostering relationships, everyone has a chance to succeed. One of the best examples of this is Demet Oger. Demet Lee Oger was born in Ankara, Turkey and kept a close eye on her parents. Her parents knew that positive relationships would matter in the future and Demet Oger took this to heart. Early on, she discovered a passion for studying film. Therefore, she wanted to learn from the best and brightest in the industry. She knew that she would likely have to leave Turkey.

As a teenager, she was accepted to film school in London, located in Western Europe. She took to her studies quickly and eventually got to know an experienced director. Demet Oger tried to learn everything she could from his wisdom and experience. She learned about everything from sound systems to lighting, production, and more. She wanted to learn about taking a film from the script to the big screen. This film director instantly realized her potential in the industry. As a result, he asked her to go with him to Hollywood, CA to work on a film with his team.

When she arrived in LA, she realized that there was a lot this city had to offer. She wanted to explore everything that made this city go. Eventually, she decided that it was time for her to try to make it on her own. This led her to found Oger Entertainment. She started to rent out a building to a local TV series. She watched and learned about everything it took to make this series go, fostering more relationships that would help her succeed in the future.

Demet Oger also had a desire to give back to the local community that had been so kind to her. She started to volunteer with the AIDS Foundation, which was started by the legendary singer Elton John. The proceeds from these works would be given back to the AIDS Foundation so they could provide valuable services to those in need.

Through her work with the foundation, she also got to work with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. All of these positive relationships have played a big role in the building Demet into the success she is today. Along the way, Demet Oger has also tried to give back to the community that has welcomed her into the fold and treated her as one of their own.