Don’t Breakdown and Do These Things after a Breakup

Breakups are the hardest part of any relationship. They often bring the worst in us and we end up doing things only to regret later in life. Having a massive breakdown is one of the most common side effects of a breakup.

But there are better ways to deal with a breakup than throwing an emotional fit and letting your ex see you hurt yourself or even worse, just to get their attention. Focusing on the positives of that breakup will help you move on faster and heal you properly.

Everyone has different ways to cope with a breakup but we all have the same goal, to accept it, move on. There are some actions that lead towards a healthy recovery and finding a new happiness. So instead of breaking down, follow these tips.

Acknowledge your emotions:

Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, you’re hurting seriously and it is justified since you have been intimate with this person, shared and cherished so many memories together, and no matter how long or short it was, it did mean something. So burying your emotions and going numb isn’t going to help.

You need to acknowledge your pain and feel it. Losing someone dear is heartbreaking and can make you feel like the end of the world, so don’t deny it, it will heal but the process is slow. Do not judge yourself for being vulnerable.

However, acknowledging your emotions is one thing but you should be absolutely careful not to let your emotions get the best of your present situation. Some people might get so hurt over a breakup they end up doing things to harm themselves, or worse, their exes. Don’t make a mistake as bad as revenge porn or causing your ex some other harm even if you’re hurting badly.

Avoid your ex’s social media:

It might be tempting to check what your ex has been doing since you guys broke up. To see if they tweeted or posted about you or if they’re talking to someone new but that’s just not a good idea. Even if they’re very active on social media, you should take a break from them or social media as a whole. You might find it difficult in your heart to delete them right away, but that’s just the best possible way to block them from your life.

Party with your Friends:

Breakups are hard to deal with and this is where your best friends jump in and you can have fun with them. Put on your sexy clothes and go out to party. You’re young, single, and free. You deserve some fun, so go out partying and don’t stop grooving until you pass out. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, though. A night out is a great way to let off steam, but continually drowning your sorrows in booze isn’t a good idea.

1. Appreciate the positive things about your relationship.

It’s easy when you breakup with a partner who wasn’t worth it but equally hard when you lay eyes on your ex and remember all the good things about them. Sometimes, having the idea of a villainous ex helps you cope better but if that ex was a gem of a person, you possibly can’t help feeling worse. That person shared many memories with you, they helped shape the person you are now, and you can’t just hate someone like that. Appreciate the moments that you spent, they were a chapter in your life, a good one with a slightly bad ending. Just remember the good parts when you’re on your journey to heal.

2. Don’t be afraid to stay in.

Some days you might not have the energy to socialize, if you feel that way, don’t worry and stay in. After all, what’s better than a movie marathon of your favorite fantasy series and lots of pizza? Nights out are fun, but excessive drinking, dancing, and mingling with a stranger can take its toll on anyone.

Relax and tell your friends you don’t feel like going out and would rather spend the night eating Nutella on your couch.

There’s another plus side of being single, you can watch things of your own choice!

3. Take a Holiday:

Maybe you’ve been planning a trip with your ex but they never had the time to carry it on? You can go there now! You’re now free to travel wherever you want and you can always bring company if you want. Traveling to nice places can help you heal quicker and make you feel better as a human.

Better way to enjoy the trip is to keep your phone off the whole time!

4. Forgive and forget:

Anger is dangerous, it’s like a sharp sword which can pierce through your heart and make you do things that you really don’t want to do. Holding grudges isn’t the answer to any problem. If you forgive them, that doesn’t mean you let them crawl back in your life or start trusting them again. It just means you’re letting go of the resentment and moving on with your life. Forgiveness can be quite calming for your soul.