Driving Up Online Sales With the Use Of Music

Music comes in many forms and genres. The beat of a drum, the riff of a guitar, the rhythm of a bass and the tone of a singer – as well as a number of other instruments.

These all come together to form an impressive cacophony of noise. But, not only is music the lifeblood of radio stations and fans, it is also being used for many other purposes, including as a tool to sell products.

Music can change the atmosphere completely

It is, of course, the online world where music comes into play. As potential customers browse particular areas of sites, they can be met with relaxing and soothing tunes that immediately put you at ease. Online shopping is one such area, but it’s not alone.

Music can affect a person’s mind and it’s no coincidence that online gaming and gambling services also adopt background music to enhance the gaming, casino and even bingo experience.

A cozy and relaxed atmosphere is what everyone visiting a pay by mobile casino site wants for an example and it can get players in the right frame of mind to win some money.

The tempo of the music can be changed in order to improve the mood of visitors and it’s this kind of subconscious influence that helps industries, like shopping, improve its sales.

Head into a shop in the high-street or center and more often than not there is some kind of chart music to go with the feel of the store, especially in clothing units like TopShop.

Soft and sad leading the way

But, when the music is louder, as research has found, then shoppers tend to spend less time in the shop. With less time spent in a shop, there is a greater likelihood of less sales.

Online shopping is very similar in this regard. Uptempo music tends to end up with people searching a lot quicker and therefore buying less.

Slow music, on the other hand, projects a much more relaxed atmosphere so viewers take their time and end up purchasing more.

Interestingly, there is also something to be said about using a minor key. For those not too familiar with music terminology, a minor key is one that emits sadness, a major key therefore denotes happiness. Apparently, a music-induced sadness increases sales – both in-store and online.

Why less is more

The volume of music can be a major factor too; accessing a website that is blurting out ear-shattering tunes is hardly going to induce you to stay on the page, let alone buy any of the products that are for sale.

Again, a light almost background noise is the most effective way of lightening the mood. Let’s face it, online shopping can often be the bane of people’s lives, they don’t need intrusive tunes making that experience worse.

Music is an incredibly powerful tool and, when used correctly, it can play an important role in helping companies go that extra mile online.

Whilst, in-store music can help you get the feel of a shop, using music online is vital in creating an easygoing ambiance, making a sale all the more likely.