Finding the Wedding Dress Design That’s Right for You

While your wedding date may be a year from now, it’s time to start shopping for a dress. There’s a lot to consider if you want a dress that is perfect for the kind of wedding you have in mind. Here are some tips that will help you move through the search with relative ease and be very happy with the final choice.

Start By Considering the Basic Design

You can save a lot of time and effort by identifying and trying on the basic dress designs used for wedding dresses. These are often referred to as gown silhouettes. While there are differences in terminology, there are essentially six kinds of silhouettes ranging from sheath to empire.

Your goal is to visit a shop and ask to see each silhouette in your size. Try each one on and get an idea of how the dress moves with you and accentuates the best features of your figure. Don’t be overly concerned about the color and specific elements of the design. At this point, you want to determine which of these general styles work best for you.

After identifying your top three favorite silhouettes, your search will focus more on dresses with those particular cuts.

Identify How Much You Can Invest in the Dress

You already know that NYC wedding dresses can range in cost. When you are planning your budget and come up with a figure for the dress, remember that the expense includes more than the purchase. Allow some of that budget for alterations and shipping costs if the dress will be sent to you rather than picked up. The better shops are more than happy to provide information about alteration costs and help you project any shipping expenses that may apply.

As an example, you $2,000 allocated for the dress. After checking with the shop, you know that alterations will likely run some where around a hundred dollars. The shop offers free shipping so that won’t be a factor. That means you will want to focus your search on dresses that cost no more than $1,900 with any applicable taxes included.

Looking Closely at the Details

After you find a few dresses that are real possibilities, consider the elements specific to each of those dresses. What do you think of the beadwork on that one wedding gown? Are you happy with the scoop neck on this dress, or would a boat neck wedding dress be more flattering? Do you prefer the eggshell white used for one dress or would you like a brighter white? The dress you choose must look as if it were made for you, even if a few alterations are needed. Unless it has the look and the feel you want, keep shopping.

Remember that beginning the search several months before the wedding provides more time to consider your options and find the perfect dress. Don’t allow anyone to rush you into a decision. Take your time, feel free to try something a little different if it catches the eye, and try to visualize walking down the aisle in each of the dresses you like. The day will come when you know the wedding dress you just tried on is exactly what you want.