Guaranteed No Stress Artist Draws Disney Animals As Humans While Keeping Their Unique Personalities In Tact

Have you ever pondered how would some of the Disney characters would look like if they were human?

Possibly, perhaps not, but rather artist s0alaina has given it a ton of thought. S0alaina has created a large number of Disney’s most notable animals as people, and the outcomes are quite great!

S0alaina regularly wondered what these animals would look like if they were human and she had a fun time with others’ outlines of this idea. But she saw that a large portion of these adaptations needed character consistency thus making them not exactly as believable and adorable.

With a specific end goal to remain consistent with the original Disney animals, s0alaina chose to recreate them in the styles of their movies, and keep constant shape language and elements to translate the character in a more intensive and believable way… She had a great time doing this!

Enjoy taking a look at what Disney animals would look like in the event that they strolled upright on two-legs and talked excessively.

Lady and The Tramp


S0alaina believes that this one was harder, because O’Malley’s such a bulky character, in face and build, so he makes sort of a clever looking human. What’s more, keeping up the 1900-1910s look was difficult to accomplish for Duchess since her hair would look much better as a 20s girl~ yet fortunately she found a proper hairdo.

Disney Horses

This is how S0alaina interpreted some of the famous Disney horses Samson, Pegasus, Frou Frou, and Khan if they were human! She just chose her favorite Disney horses, and she might draw some more! She laughed about how Frou Frou is virtually the only female Disney horse.


The Lion King

Oliver And Company

S0alaina said that the photo looked so unbalanced with just Dodger and Oliver, so she added Rita in there (because she’s one of her most loved Disney animal characters).

Jungle Book


Well, what do you think of her works?

Photo Credits: s0alaina.deviantart.com