25 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Having a Hangover

1. When your alarm goes off.

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2. When you climb out of bed.

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3. When you just CAN’T. STOP. CRYING.

20th Century Fox

4. When you remember that thing you said to that person.

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5. When you try and complete a simple task.

6. When you attempt walking.

7. When you leave the house without caring what you look like.

8. When you wish it would all just stop.

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9. When someone asks you a question.



11. When it all gets a bit too much.

12. When someone mocks you by making loud noises.

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13. Or doing anything at all that isn’t leaving you the fuck alone.


14. When you want to eat ALL THE FOOD.

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15. When the food doesn’t sit well.

16. When the nausea kicks in.

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17. When your head starts to pound.

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20. When you try to go outside.

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21. When you start to feel more human.

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22. Only for the hangover to return, worse than ever, five minutes later.

23. When you realise it’s all your fault.

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24. When you get back in your bed.