21 Individuals Who Are Already Having a Horrible Tuesday

1. These guys who just realized they aren’t going to get their job done on time.

2. This baby elephant who probably had a little bit too much to drink the night before.

3. These loading dock guys who didn’t think things all the way through.

4. This doggy who just wanted a drink of water.

5. This guy who was simply trying to style his hair before work.

6. Or this guy who tried spicing up his commute.

7. This sandwich cutter who only wanted to enjoy a tasty meal.

8. This guy who didn’t realize his own strength.

9. Or this girl who hasn’t fully woken up yet.

10. This guy who probably went hungry because he was too embarrassed to go back into the store.

11. This kid whose sister obviously wants to be an only child.

12. This guy who learned the hard way that there are no shortcuts in life.

13. These girls who were trying to make twerking a thing.

14. Or this little guy who’s still getting the hang of swinging a bat.

15. This young lady whose Instagram picture just got ruined by Mother Nature.

16. This girl who was just trying to participate in class.

17. This doggy who ALMOST had it.

18. Mitt Romney’s Jenga skills.

19. This top model whose walk was just a little too fierce.

20. This girl who was just trying to live out her singing dreams.

21. And finally this bro who thought he was being clever, but wasn’t.