How To Guarantee Everyone Loves The Food At Your Wedding

Do you think your friends really care about you saying your wedding vows? They’ll be pleased for you on the big day, but they’ll only be dreaming about one thing. Everyone will be desperate for the moment when the food is eventually served up at the reception.

It means you’ll have to ensure the catering goes as smoothly as possible. No mistakes can be made unless you want to leave guests feeling disappointed. The only question is how you’ll do it, so here are a few fantastic tips to help make your wedding day a roaring success.

You Should Know Your Guests

A Niagara Falls wedding catering company opened up about one of the biggest mistakes they see regularly. Even though the bride and groom get to decide who they want to come they don’t always know them as well as they think.

If you have no vegan options guests could be left starving. They even forget to take religion into account when choosing food options. Make sure everyone attending has at least one thing they can eat.

Decide How Much You’ll Spend

If you have more guests at your wedding you’ll spend extra money on catering, but that is only one factor to take into consideration. The way in which you’ll serve the food has a large bearing on the total cost too.

There is always two common options you’ll usually have to choose between, which are plated dishes versus buffets. The buffets will be cheaper and more fun, although they’ll be a touch less classy.

Getting An Accurate Headcount

They estimate around 20 percent of guests will decline your invitation for various reasons. That percentage will increase if you want an overseas wedding. Even some people who RSVP won’t bother showing up.

You don’t want to waste food because it will cost you money, but it’s better than not having enough. A short time before the wedding you should follow up with everyone to get as accurate a headcount as possible.

Get Personal Recommendations

So far we’ve not talked about the quality of the food itself, which many brides will tell you can be hit and miss. You don’t know if catering companies are as good as they say. They’ll need to supply you with testimonials.

It’s even better if you know couples who have used specific companies before. Personal recommendations are always a lot more trustworthy. Another thing to make sure is that whoever you choose can handle the amount of guests you invite.

The Temperature Does Matter

Everyone around the world might imagine Canada is always freezing cold, but it does get warm in summer. While wedding catering in Muskoka a company had to tell a bride her food suggestions could be improved.

They original ideas weren’t too bad, but it didn’t really tie in with the season as the temperature does matter. Certain foods will be better suited to summer, whereas others will work better in winter.

You’ll Be Glad You Paid Attention

Once you realize how much everyone is enjoying their food you’ll be glad you paid attention to these tips. The rest of the night will go a lot smoother when everyone has a good meal inside them. Things could swing the opposite way if you don’t get the catering right.