Minimize Unhealthy Aging And Premature Wrinkles

Aging and wrinkles are natural and there isn’t a way to stop them – nor should you want to – people of all ages look beautiful when their skin is in good condition as it goes through proper maturing stages. However, there is such thing as optimal skin health and it’s possible to minimize damage and unhealthy skin, including premature wrinkles that come from bad habits instead of graceful aging. Below is a review of some products and lifestyle changes to keep your skin hydrated, healthy, and evolving with a natural glow.
Healthy skin is smooth and with an even tone that provides a strong barrier against environmental effects and damage. Lots of collagen gives our skin firmness and glycosaminoglycans keep our skin hydrated. Wrinkles aren’t actually damaged skin: under a microscope the skin looks healthy and can have all the same elements as young skin present. Aging is natural and wrinkles come from effects inside and outside the body. Even with perfect habits and great products, our skin ages and wrinkles. Trying to halt aging using surgery or chemicals that attempt to hold skin taught and still creates an uncanny valley feeling that looks unnatural.

We begin producing less collagen not too far after puberty: in our early twenties. The thinning of skin may explain the wrinkling or rippling effect from its structure changing. Our production of elastin and glycosaminoglycans also lessens, plus there’s a shift in our glands that produce oil and sweat. Add in the effects from the sun and pollution, and our skin puts up with a lot over the lifespan. Bad diet, exercise, sleep, vices, and other behaviors can negatively affect the skin’s condition and even accelerate unhealthy aging.
There are many advanced anti-aging products to help assist with skin rescue and prevention. Top of the line skin care products from SK II contain Pitera™, which scientists developed after studying and isolating an ingredient from the fermentation process of sake in Japan.The Pitera™ Welcome Kit contains a 3-step system of toner, exfoliating essence, and firming cream. The toner/lotion removes excess dirt after cleansing, the essence moisturizes and promotes cell renewal, and the cream firms and smooths for a glowing and hydrated complexion at any age. While no product can erase your wrinkles away, anti-aging systems can vastly improve health and therefore bolster a more youthful appearance of the skin.
You can also change your behaviours and exposure to the environment to aid healthy aging and prevent unwanted damage:
Use sunscreen daily – and not just when tanning! UV rays can impact your skin even on a dark day in the winter. Don’t lie out in the sun to tan and never use a tanning bed, which is essentially a skin aging time machine!
Get better quality sleep by reducing caffeine intake and only consuming it earlier in the day; reduce the amount of alcohol consumed; unplug at least an hour, if not two, before bed (your laptop, phone, and TV); and stick to a regular sleeping schedule. Tired eyes are puffy, have dark circles, and weary skin is can look sallow.A lack of sleep is also linked to higher stress and various health conditions, which are bad enough on their own, but they also make skin health worse.
It’s hard to reduce stress and even thinking about how to better relax can be upsetting! Take your day one task at a time and try not to overwhelm yourself. Focus and stay present on what you’re doing and try to spend less time dwelling on the past and the future. Failing to meet unreasonable goals adds undue stress.
Eat a diet with plenty of vitamins and mineral-rich veggies, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Drink a lot of water to keep skin hydrated. Reduce sugar dramatically;it’s essentially a toxin for your body and skin. Get at least 30 minutes a day of exercise and avoid too much sitting and lying down.
Healthy living and quality products can help your skin sing healthily throughout your life.