The 100 Most Handsome and Best-looking Actors of All-time

1) Paul Newman – Wit, talent and one of the most beautiful men – ever. The blue eyes were famed, but his spot-on sarcastic deliveries and sense of humor made the already stunning man even more glorious to get all dewy over. If you had the good fortune to see him in person you knew you had never seen a better looking man. Movies to watch: The Long, Hot Summer, The Hustler, Hud, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Verdict

2) Robert Redford – The image – Redford as the Sundance Kid. Could there possibly be a more visual display of gorgeousness than Redford as the Sundance Kid? Can I move? I’m better when I move. Movies to watch: This Property is Condemned, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jeremiah Johnson, Three Days of the Condor

3) Brad Pitt – A sexy and physically beautiful guy without being a pretty boy. His Legends of the Fall scenery may be the best of his best. Talk about objectifying men. Movies to watch: Thelma & Louise, A River Runs Through It

4) Steve McQueen – A movie legend for the ages. Not necessarily a classically handsome man, but may very well be the sexiest on-screen actor of all-time. His spin in Bullitt remains the definitive in cool. Cool watch. Cool car. Cool. Just plain out cool. Movies to watch: The Magnificent Seven, Love with the Proper Stranger, Le Mans

5) William Holden – Smile a little smile for me. Outside of Redford in the 1960’s and 1970’s, no man ever had a more gasp inspiring smile. He was a golden boy indeed. Meet him on Sunset Boulevard or at a picnic – either way you’d be having a nice day. Movies to watch: Stalag 17, Picnic, Golden Boy, The Bridge on the River Kwai

6) Don Johnson – Bone structure, eyes, hair, lips, nose. Nothing was wrong with the physicality of the man who made big white jackets and sockless feet darn right cool. He aged well to boot. Watch a Miami Vice repeat. Do yourself a favor.

7) Jeffrey Hunter – He rode the range in a few classic films and even portrayed a stunningly gorgeous blue-eyed Jesus Christ. Jesus was perfect, but I suspect a Jewish man in Israel probably didn’t have fair skin with blue eyes. Movies to watch: King of Kings, The Searchers

8) Errol Flynn – Flynn was a womanizing cad and women loved him for it. Go figure. He was also one heck of man to look at. Unfortunately, he was his own worst enemy and pretty much looked awful by the time he turned 40. Watch Captain Blood.

9) Tyrone Power – So beautiful. If you know a woman who has seen him in a movie let her tell you what she thinks. He died at the age of 44, so his family, friends and fans were denied the privilege of seeing him live a long life. Movies to watch: Anything with Loretta Young and The Long, Gray Line


10) Clint Eastwood – Handsome man, even though he is rarely described as handsome. Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk. With the exception of Humphrey Bogart, no actor has emoted more lines of note. Movies to watch: Tightrope, Dirty Harry, Sudden Impact, The Outlaw Josey Wales

11) Mel Gibson – I must admit it would be difficult to find a more gorgeous face than Mel Gibson in The Bounty. The scene in the car while it’s raining in The Year of Living Dangerously is quite dream worthy. Freedom! It doesn’t necessarily give you this face, but it does offer more options.

12) Gregory Peck – Absolute class act, but he was a class act with a sincerely perfect face. Just a handsome movie star that also created some memorable screen moments. Movies to watch: Roman Holiday, Gentlemen’s Agreement, To Kill a Mockingbird

13) Cary Grant – Witty, quick, clever, charming and he looked like Cary Grant. A romantic lead as well as a good dramatic actor and gifted with superb comic timing. Movies to watch: Monkey Business, Arsenic and Old Lace, An Affair to Remember 

14) Rock Hudson – Perfectly featured man. A face for the ages. Movies to watch: Anything with Doris Day.

15) Mark Harmon – The young Mark Harmon was the classic all-American guy. Perfect example of inherited good genes.

16) Robert Wagner – Oh that smile. The suave, cool, collected Wagner. Try watching an episode of It Takes a Thief. Well, it hasn’t worn well, but he was a beauty. He literally never took a bad photo.

17) Tom Selleck – He reached his physical peak in the Magnum, P.I. series. The smile could nearly kill. Great looking man.

18) Alain Delon – The French actor was almost always more beautiful than any of his leading ladies. The face lives on and remains highly memorable for anyone who ever gazed on it.

19) John Wayne – Movie buffs cannot look away from the face. His young man’s face was a smoldering masculine boldness and he aged well.

20) Fred Williamson – Have you seen Williamson’s Public Service Announcement for Wounded Warriors? If not, look it up. He looks pretty much the same as his youthful good looks from an earlier era.

21) Richard Gere – Clearly, a sexy guy. He excels at playing romantic leads and yet he rocks out bad guys better than any other actor from his generation. Movies to watch: No Mercy, Yanks

22) Russell Crowe – L. A. ConfidentialGladiator and the little seen The Quick and the Dead all make for one good bad boy who could probably turn a good girl into not such a good girl. Master and Commander indeed.

23) Clark Gable – Gone With the Wind. His image still resonates all these years later, so in cinema history the wind couldn’t even take him away. As Adela Rogers St. Johns said about him, “No complexes, no inhibitions, no fixations, no phobias.”

24) Gary Cooper – Great looking, manly man! Gorgeous features. He wasn’t the luckiest man alive, but he certainly had a memorable career and face.

25) Sean Connery – Glorious bone structure. Connery is one of the best looking actors of all time. Daniel Craig may be the best Bond ever (Ian Fleming’s version), but Connery will remain Bond, James Bond for a long time to come.

26) Chad Everett – Everett was a real specimen of good looks. Perfect face. Imagine that Medical Center doctor walking into the room to check up on your health?

27) Patrick Dempsey – He worked in films for years, but it was a McDreamy role on television that made him a household name.

28) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. – Fairbanks was suave and elegant and he managed to still be stunning as an old man.

29) Jack Scalia – One of the finest looking men ever to walk on planet earth. I interviewed him once and when he walked into the room I almost passed out. Well, not literally.

30) Simon Baker – Cutie pie. Baker is about as elegant as an actor in today’s day and age is going to get. Aesthetically appealing.

31) Henry Cavill – Cavill is absolutely gorgeous. Pity the woman who actually lands him, since the idolatrous and stalking types will probably not let him live a normal life until he hits 75 years old. Much more than Superman.


32) Montgomery Clift – Always sad looking no matter what he was playing. A Place in the Sun brought out the ultimate in male on-screen sadness.

33) Liam Neeson – Who would you want in a foxhole with you (movie image version)? He’d be one. Man’s man and woman’s man.


34) Kevin Costner – In his day, he was a doll. Baseball player good looking. America on a face.

35) Johnny Depp – The weirdest choice good looking guy in the entire history of cinema.

36) Warren Beatty – One heck of a gorgeous man. Heaven Can Wait may have been his best looking period.

37) Matthew McConaughey – Eclectic and seemingly down-to-earth. A terrific actor with great looks. His Oscar acceptance speech was one of the most sincere acceptances of all-time. Seems real in an unreal world.

38) Denzel Washington – Always a sturdy presence in any film. Great looks spanning a wildly successful long-haul career.

39) George Clooney – How do you not put him on this list? Lots of women still hark back to his television days and not his film career.

40) Rob Lowe – Absolutely beautiful and he has aged well. Unavoidably handsome.

41) Colin Firth – Whether playing a King or Mr. Darcy this is one fine looking specimen of maleness.

42) Bradley Cooper – Killer smile, gorgeous eyes and a wildly fantastic head of hair!

43) Jack Lord – Star of the original Hawaii Five-O survives via repeats. Nearly fifty years later those early year episodes give us the display of a handsome man.

44) Ryan Reynolds – Funny and cute. Will he be around for the long-haul? We can hope.

45) John Gavin – Gorgeous. Nothing else needs to be said.

46) Andy Garcia – Appealing actor and handsome. The only reason to sit through The Godfather 3 movie.

47) Antonio Banderas – Desperado. Basically, you need to see nothing beyond this film and it may be the reason why he even landed on the list.

48) Tom Cruise – One of the biggest movie stars of all-time. Highly likable and adorable.

49) Leonardo DiCaprio – The last of the true movie stars who can honestly open a movie. Beautiful face. Perfectly cast as Jay Gatsby. He defined what Fitzgerald put on the page.

50) George Peppard – Gorgeous guy whether having breakfast at Tiffany’s or being a carpetbagger.

51) James Dean – September 30,1955. A sad day in film history. The world lost James Dean. Lovely to look at.

52) Sidney Poitier – Sophisticated and elegant and we respectfully say to sir with love.

53) Luke Bracey – The face of a Lauren fragrance campaign and an absolutely terrific actor. Bracey is a glorious delight of Australian good looks. If this were the 90’s he’d be one of the biggest stars in the world. It’s difficult to break out in today’s niche-centric universe.


54) Burt Reynolds – One of the most underrated actors ever. The laugh alone is glorious.


55) Colin Farrell – A stunning face. Those brows!

56) Pierce Brosnan – Suave and elegant. Quite pleasing to the eye.

57) Eric Bana – A strong and cultured bone structure. Nice looking man.

58) Clayne Crawford – A full bodied man of masculinity and charisma. He’s also a superb actor. Does anyone play a vulnerable guy better? Does anyone play a wild card better? Check out his downright brilliant performance in Rectify. Seems normal. Hopefully, he stays that way.

59) Hugh Jackman – Jackman is power pumped with a massively attractive physique, but he has a great face as well.

60) Chris Hemsworth – The guy certainly has it all.

61) Sam Elliott- Sexy,manly actor and that voice. That voice. Katharine Ross makes a lovely wife too.

62) Robert Urich – Urich was a dreamboat and he died way too young. A terrific actor who happened to be a dreamy guy. Long and lean with perfect features.

63) Blair Underwood – Good looking man and classic looking as well.

64) Tom Hardy – May not exactly frame vulnerability, but when he smiles, he lights up the screen.

65) Terrence Howard – Howard is darn near pretty. Women love his face.

66) Marlon Brando – As Irene Selznick said about him “I honestly think that broken nose made his fortune. It gave him sex appeal. He was too beautiful before.”

67) Josh Lucas – Masculine guy with a pearly set of baby blues.

68) Richard Burton – The face was only slightly less stunning than that amazing voice. What voice could top that?

69) Robert Taylor – Somewhat forgotten now, but not by the true old movie buffs.

70) Oscar Isaac – Loyal fan base nearing the obsessive.

71) James Marsden – Nice looking man indeed.

72) Peter O’Toole – The image of him from Lawrence of Arabia may very well be the most hauntingly beautiful image of any man at any time.

73) Paul Walker – God rest his soul. What a stunner.

74) Keanu Reeves – Effortless is about all you have to say.


75) Theo James – The Divergent series proved he’s got the manly abilities and he’s proven he can act. The Brit has an expressive and handsome face.

76) Idris Elba – Any women who has seen him – gets it.

77)  Gerard Butler – Big and brawny and all man.

78) Alexander Skarsgard – I don’t know if you can handle this. Too much going on.

79)  Sean Bean – How on earth did Sean Bean not become a household name? One of the sexiest men ever in films and television. Handsome Brit who could be Luke Bracey’s father. Someone make that casting happen. Masculine manly man!

80) Alec Baldwin – One of the best actors ever and when he was young he was a real doll.

81) Alex Pettyfer – I Am Number Four. He could never be a number four. Don’t hold Magic Mike against him. Gorgeous, gorgeous guy. T-shirts and blue jeans or tuxedos. Doesn’t matter.

82) Michael Douglas – Douglas could do no wrong. Energy, positivity and self-assurance.


83) Henry Fonda – Finely featured man who held a long-haul career in a fickle business.

84) Richard Harris – Crossing the Atlantic you tend to get men like Richard Harris. There is a scene in the film Hawaii that defines Harris and his reason for obviously making this list.

85) Farley Granger – Granger had one heck of a great face. Now, that’s a profile shot to end all profile shots.

86) Tim Kang – Gorgeous Kang needs to have a bigger career.

87) Billy Dee Williams – Brian’s SongLady Sings the Blues and just about anything he was in. Watch them all.


88) Chris Noth – Guts, sarcasm, a wink and a smile.

89) Roger Moore – Not the best of Bonds, but certainly one with a darn near perfect face.

90) James Garner – He made wit, charm and a sense of humor appealing and sexy.

91) Robert Conrad – Take a ride with a wild, wild West. Those eyes.

92) Kurt Russell – How much cuter can a guy get? Women love that smile.


93) Christian Bale – One of the great actors of all-time is also a looker.

94) Jack Nicholson – People tend to forget Nicholson’s killer smile was a force all its own before it almost became a caricature. Movies to watch: Five Easy Pieces, Chinatown, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He even made Randall P. McMurphy sexy.

95) Robert Vaughn – The distinguished actor with the perfect voice still resonates with women as they peruse the oldie television channels. Thankfully, MeTV exists. Magnificent Seven member!

96) Ryan O’Neal – Dashing and romantic.

97) Richard Madden – Game of Thrones and Disney’s Cinderella. Wavy hair and structured features. Do yourself a favor – watch Klondike. Seriously, watch Klondike.

98) Ryan Gosling – Romantic lead for a reason and he can actually act.

99) Aidan Turner – Turner is quite the example of the luck of the Irish. Superbly crafted face – a gift from his folks and God.  He’s quite handsome and hopefully he will have a career where people are still talking about him ten years from now.

100) Linus Roache – Women remember The Wings of the Dove star and his turn on Law and Order.

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