New Data Reveals the Rage About Popular Cosmetic Surgery Among Millennials

Although it was once regarded as a piece of dirty secret to be ashamed of, Cosmos Clinic reviews reveal that cosmetic surgery procedures are presently a form of status symbol on social media. In an effort to acquire celebrity looks, millennials now jam-pack surgeon’s parlors for noninvasive surgical procedures that can make them look like IRL Instagram Filters. The hype about Snapchat by doctors and the talk of chin tweaks by celebrities is causing all the rage, and the popularity of the procedures cannot be swept under the table.

According to data on the procedures highlighted by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the country leading in the number of treatments is the United States with more than 4.2 million surgeries. The most popular procedures in the US are: abdominoplasty (137,610), silicon breast augmentation (270,270), Botox (1,118,370 procedures), liposuction (257,334), and hyaluronic acid fillers (650,232).

To find out what is coming next in the world of plastic surgery, observers spoke to Dr Neil Sadick even as they acknowledged the popularity of the basic procedures. To his loyal celebrity clientele, the doctor provides a variety of ways for burning fat, and the stars in reality shows are not averse to revealing how much time they spend with their surgeons. Those who haven’t come around to having the procedure, but simply follow celebrities on social media must be wondering how their icons get magically slim without the benefits of physical exercise. Some of those who have documented fat being frozen or burned out of their bodies include Khloe Kardashian and the Bachelor’s Ashley Laconetti.

The two most common procedures are Sculpsure and CoolSculpting because they are less threatening than liposuction, and the beneficiary can grab a glass of wine immediately after being zapped. Celebrity are spared the time taken for digital detox and the recovery period is short. Though not well known, SculpSure involves being inundated by heat from an octopus-looking machine which releases bursts of cold air able to kill fat cells on particular areas of your thighs, back, stomach or arms.

However, one treatment alone will not give you the Michelle Obama look or a six pack because cells take 8-12 weeks to break down and decompose. Some people might require more than one treatment, but the best part is that it does what hard physical exercise cannot do. Dr. Sadick explained from is Office to the Observer that most of the effects sets in as the cells start to break down although some reduction effect can be felt immediately, and he added that the celebrities like the procedure after they have given birth. It is not like CoolSculpting because it can be performed on a smaller portion of the body.

Another new trend which has been made popular by the pumped up derrieres of the Kardashian family is known as Sculptra butt lift. Dr. Sadick admitted that they are the innovators of that technology in that part of the world because all the stars are going in for buttock sculpting and cellulite treatments. He clarified that it is a lunchtime lift because in a treatment session that lasts for just 10 minutes, the injectable can lift and remove dimples, allowing one to go back to work soon after.

The latest patient of Dr. Sadick who can testify that acne suddenly disappearing from the neck of stars is not due to the work of Instagram filters and makeup artists but due to the latest wrinkle treatment is the star of Real Housewives, Sonja Morgan. Increased collagen stimulation removes the scars, and so Dr. Sadick joked that they do not use fillers to expand the mouth of celebrities. To stop the signs of aging, visit Dr. Sadick now and get started. Everyone would like to experience the effects of a Benjamin Button if needles are not involved.

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