Office Yoga Helping Office Workers Stay Active

A hectic schedule of 8-9 hours of work at office can affect your health to a great extent. Office workers have always been complaining that they have least involvement in any sort of physical activity and  sitting at your desk for a long period results in lack of flexibility and mobility. A recent study has figured out that five millions deaths are caused a year due to levels of inactivity. People sitting at a particular position for 8 hours without engaging in any sort of physical exercise are likely to suffer from a mortality rate of 9.9 percent, the study found.

If you continuously work for 8 hours without any activity, joint pains and back pain are likely to come up. The hip mobility is worsened as your hip muscles tend to become tighter. Back pain becomes a common affair and gradually people are prone to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. The sedentary lifestyle can result in this kind of critical illness which overtime can affect your health severely. Apart from that, lack of concentration and focus is something that you will face at everyday at work. Headache, back pain, joint pain, insomnia, spondylosis are some of the major problems faced by people and as a result people look for costly pills that will give them instant relief from chronic pain. It can give some relief but in the long run it is harmful for you kidney and liver, thereby affects your health.

Constant physical movement after every half an hour is very important if you work in an office Simple exercises such as yoga at your workplace can help you stay active and healthy. Simple yoga postures, stretches, hip flexor stretch, stretching your neck can help relieve aches and pains. Furniture At Work™ have come up with simple yoga postures that are so subtle that even your office colleagues won’t be aware that you are working out. Simple and fun exercises have been introduced as a part of office yoga program that will help you to get rid of inactivity. The fun and informative video, produced by Furniture at Work recreates a number of popular yoga positions, renaming them as common pieces of furniture that can be found in the office.

If you spend 8 hours per day working in an office and feel that you should be more active, why not try these simple exercises in the office? Not only will it relieve back pain and stiffness, but it will also help you be more focussed and in turn, be more productive.