Robert Gillings: Professional Entertainer to Watch

Robert Gillings is a man of many talents. He is a Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, Consultant, Designer, and was his own Attorney “Pro-Se” in his Divorce and Child Custody trail that he won Full and Sole Custody of his children.

Robert is best known for writing the Horror Feature Film, ‘American Fright Fest,” which premiered at the London Film Festival and immediately after received a world wide release, and is currently showing on Amazon Prime and all On Demand channels.

Gillings is also known for his theories on philosophy and as a financial consultant. He even operates his own company, Robert Gillings Consultants. However, everyone has a passion. Robert Gillings has identified his passion as a writer, director, creating films for the future.

Creating a feature film or TV series is no easy venture. Anyone who is even moderately versed in film understands that putting an entire production together requires unparalleled levels of patience and fortitude.

Robert Gillings is writing and directing the upcoming T.V. series “Paper Empire” Staring “Robert Davi” Wesley Snipes” “Denise Richards” “Steve Guttenburg” “Helena Mattsson” “Robert Knepper” “Chuck Zito” “Elisabetta Fantone” “Michael Nouri” and “Anne Archer”.

Robert Gillings’ involvement in the documentary Paddy Wacked (2006) portraying Irish Gangster, Owney Madden. , his character captured the Irish immigration experience in the Roaring twenties which includes awful organized crime street wars that are often glossed over when we look back at the history of the country.

The aforementioned, ‘American Fright Fest’ centers around Halloween night in a small towns “Fright Fest” Blood runs rampant when a fantasy Holloween event becomes real inside the walls a closed and ban done asylum.

Roberts first major feature film, “The Kings of Brooklyn” garnered the “Audience Award” for Best Featured Film at both the Brooklyn Film Festival and the New York International Film and Video Festival.

Robert was an EP, Executive Producer, Hotel Manor Inn, it is a story about a tabloid intern that investigates a drug-addled man that knows about a murder. The struggle comes from trying to figure out whether or not this man can be trusted by the fresh journalist.

Not to be outdone in any ventures, Robert Gillings has created a design for the” World Trade Center” site competition. He was one of many artists to enter his architectural designs into the competition, but his as a personal cause of his growing up in Brooklyn. The World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition was even more personal to him as his sister Melissa was in building one as it was hit.. The campaign honored the victims of the September 11th attacks as well as the 1993 bombings. Gillings’ art is said to have captured the emotion of the time and given viewers a chance to feel the raw emotion and energy of the event.

His “Sky Memorial” was a one of a kind design that had its originality was recognized and displayed in a Madison Avenue Art Gallery.

The most recent and personal production being worked on by Robert Gillings is this written screenplay titled, ‘My Darling.’ The production is based on his actual divorce proceedings and the struggles associated in many of today’s divorces. Roberts’s former wife falsely utilized and falsely accused him of domestic violence that landed him in supervised visitation with his children, simply by her verbal statement. Representing himself, Pro-Se, Robert came up with the style and strategy that proved his innocence, overturned, eliminated the supervised visitation order, then went to trail and had the false domestic charges dismissed.  In a latter Custody Trial that Robert represented himself “Pro-Se, the judge ruled that Robert Gillings was better fit to be a parent over his ex-wife and HE was awarded full and sole custody of all three children.

Though Robert has had many great moments and achievements, he defines as being most proud of, being a dedicated father to his children.

Robert Gillings wants everyone to follow their dreams and become the artist that they believe they are capable of becoming. To this end, he has created a blog for aspiring creators to give them advice on how to achieve their goals. One of the main pillars of Robert Gillings blog is to focus on the training. Talented actors received so many benefits from training that its benefits cannot be overstated. He encourages actors breaking in, and those with down time between gigs to take acting classes to give themselves an opportunity to be critiqued live and have to give live performances. To bring their natural talent to the surface, and to glow with passion. It is a controlled environment where actors will have the opportunity to learn without the harsh criticisms seen in this modern social media environment.

However, improving on an actor’s talents aren’t the only benefit to acting classes. “Instructors will often have connections and knowledge about the latest auditions and talent searches being conducted,” Gillings said. These connections are what will allow an actor to move through the process more quickly and efficiently than the ones working as baristas or serves. Achieving fulfillment, happiness is the key to Gillings’ life and philosophy.

Robert Gillings is currently looking for places to expand his deep knowledge and experience. With many projects on the horizon, he hopes to let his vision be seen by the masses and to achieve success while being a positive input on society at large.