24 Reasons You Should Stay in on Saturday Night

1. It’s been the longest week.

2. Your friends have made plans for Saturday night. Ergh. Plans.

3. You have plans too.

4. Or, more accurately.

Print by Katie Turner / Via jeongahkim3026.tumblr.com

5. You could make an excuse.

6. Or duck out early.

7. But your friends know you better than that.

8. A night in is all you want.

9. So they head out, and you settle in.

10. First up, the sofa. Snuggle down.

11. It’s going to need a blanket, obviously.

12. And none of this sitting business.

13. That’s more like it.

14. Snacks are paramount.

15. Hand-to-mouth velocity is key.

16. But everything else is up to you.

17. And booze too, if you’d like.

18. As for plans? Netflix. Or whatever.

19. Drunken dancing? You’ve got it!

20. Dog selfies? Time well spent.

21. Or just reading a new book.

22. Just don’t try and do any life admin.

23. This is your time.

24. And the best bit? Getting to bed has never been easier.

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