How Streaming Services are Giving Independent Films a New Home

It can be hard to find an audience for original and complex films. This has been true for some time but perhaps it’s truer now that the superhero era has arrived and continues to draw in cinema-goers. Sure, difficult films can be frustrating because they might be hard to understand but they can also enlighten a viewer in a way mainstream Hollywood films cannot.

Some say that independent or artistic films won’t be able to maintain audience members but streaming services are changing that.

Blockbuster Problem

Not many will deny the fact that Hollywood blockbusters make it hard for indie films to gain exposure. The Oscars and many other prestigious film recognitions can help some smaller films make it big but there are still dozens of other films that get lost in the shuffle.

One reason larger films or blockbusters rarely get recognition by prestigious awards is that they give smaller films their time in the light. However, this only works for a few movies and usually the movies with established artists.

Smaller movies are being released more than ever since independent filmmakers have access to affordable movie-making tools but blockbusters overshadow them. Given enough time, these films get forgotten or are seen by a very few which hurts many unique filmmakers out there. Hollywood is a business so the industry has a hard time investing in movies they don’t believe will have a substantial return hence the problem smaller movies are having.

Why Streaming Means Hope

Streaming services are giving independent films an opportunity to flourish because they’re able to spike up their exposure. As mentioned earlier, the problem most indie films have at the moment is that some are not getting enough exposure while others are not produced.

Some streaming giants are investing in original ideas and aren’t scared to do so because their clients are versatile enough to watch it. Other streaming services like 123movies make sure that viewers are given the opportunity to find out about independent movies. It’s actually not uncommon to see a movie rise from the ashes of obscurity thanks to movie streaming sites.

Re-Connecting to the Old

Most streaming services are focused on new content, so many filmmakers attempting to make movies are finding a home there but audiences are also hungry for classics. Some of the more popular classics can be found in regular streaming sites, although older classics or films that have been forgotten can also be found in libraries across America.

The only problem was that libraries did not catch onto to the streaming craze but that’s changing as well. In fact, libraries are now offering film streaming to their patrons.

Of course, it makes sense that libraries are interested in showing content that is either educational or based on literature though they do have some popular movies as well. Many filmmakers who made work that others overlooked for decades may be rediscovered through libraries. This gives those artists out there an opportunity to have their work finally seen.

These are just some of the ways different streaming services are changing the film-making industry. Blockbusters are not being hurt since they’re still making money no matter how many small films gain attention. The audiences are hungry for unique or “difficult” movies that are the true winners. These people are in love with streaming services. They get to see independent films once again in the comfort of their homes.

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