The 4 Best Pool Table Brands For Your Billiards Hall

A proper billiards hall will have an assortment of tables with and without pockets to accommodate both pool and billiards players. This page focuses on the pool section of your billiards hall and the best brands to consider for your tables if you’re filling a space up. Finding the best pool table brands is an opinion so make sure and leave your choices in the comments.

Below, we will outline a variety of different reliable manufacturers that are trusted by billiards hall owners across the country. We’ll also go over what you should look for and take into consideration when making the decision on your brand.

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If you own a billiards hall or you’ve been tasked with purchasing pool tables for a common space, consider this page your crash course into commercial pool table purchases.

First: What to look for in a pool table

Before launching into specifics, you should know what to look for in each brand. Every billiards hall is different and there’s not necessarily a “one size fits all” brand.


Match the color scheme of your tables with the rest of your decor. In general, pool table styles will come in a few different shades, and although the standard is green cloth, most manufacturers let you choose between 20+ different colors or felt to match the vibe of your establishment.


Pool tables range from classics that look like they belong in luxurious mansions all the way to newer, trendier tables that look like something out of a science fiction movie. Pick a brand and style that fits with the ambiance you’re trying to cultivate in your billiards hall.


The clientele of your billiards hall makes a big difference in the quality of table you need. If you are catering to upper-class, old-school pool and billiards players, top of the line is a must. If you’re catering to a more casual crowd, you still need a quality table, but the best of the best might hurt you in the long run. Inexperienced players are much more likely to ding your tables up than experienced players are, especially when alcohol is involved.


Aside from the ones sold at Walmart, pool tables aren’t cheap. When browsing through brands, make sure to multiply to cost of the table you’re eyeing however many tables you can fit in your hall. Good-looking billiards halls will have uniformity in tables throughout. All the brands on this list will have sizing guides to help you out.


Tables aside, who are you dealing with? Can you get the company on the phone at a moment’s notice, or does it take them days to get back to you? Do they offer guarantees on their products, or is it more of a “here you go, good luck” type of arrangement? As you’re buying multiple tables (presumably), you should be treated like the important customer you are.

Billiards Hall Pool Table Brands

Diamond Billiards

diamond pool table brand

Diamond started in 1987 with the goal of surpassing every previously held standard in pool tables and becoming the #1 choice for professional play. In 2015, they have succeeded – their tables are hailed worldwide as some of the best available at a reasonable price range, and their more expensive offerings have become the table of choice in countless accredited tournaments.

For commercial purposes, Diamond Billiards offers three models of pool tables – the PRO-AM, the Professional, and the Smart Table. Each one has a modern, simplistic design that’s suitable for almost any atmosphere, especially those with dim lighting.

What really makes this brand shine, though,  is the testing portion of the manufacturing process. Every table is put through a series of tests to guarantee the strictest quality standards are met. This is rare – while most reputable brands will try to build perfect tables, Diamond is one of the only ones that guarantee their tables are perfect through testing.


The most expensive table from Diamond. Features assembled shipment, an “extremely” quiet ball return, an unparalleled cushion/rail system, and a patent-pending bi-level design to allow players to shoot as easily out of the pocket as they do off of the rail.

With four different stain colors and almost every felt color you can imagine, the PRO-AM is a great choice for any billiards hall (assuming you like the designs of Diamond’s limited selection).

Smart Table

The Smart Table is the PRO-AM with an automated payment system. Players insert coins to start the game. Depending on how you charge customers for use of your billiards hall, this may be a more cost-effective solution than the PRO-AM.

The Professional

The Professional is the pool table that the founders had in mind when they started the company in 1987. It’s approved by the Billiard Congress of America and has been used at major tournaments for the better part of a decade.

The design is far more unique than the PRO-AM/Smart Table design is. Get this one over the other two offerings if you have a classy, high-end billiards hall filled with people who will know the difference between good and great.

View more at Diamond Billiards


Olhausen Pool Table

Butch and Don Olhausen are the masterminds behind Olhausen pool tables. When they were kids, the family business was putting together and repairing pool tables for billiards hall owners (back when halls were a bit more popular) – so from a very young age, the brothers were exposed to not only the game of pool but also the mechanics behind how the game works.

This passion continued into adulthood until they decided to throw it all in the pot and purchase a small pool table brand (selling just over 30 tables per year) for $1,000.

Now, they sell over 30,000 tables per year – and it’s mainly due to the superiority of the tables they make. With such insider knowledge, the Olhausen brothers innovate in ways that other brands can’t.

Their 10 commercial offerings

Unlike Diamond, Olhausen has over 10 different offerings for your billiards hall. The models vary in price, design, quality and much more, though every offering is a solid choice. (Olhausen does not make cheap tables.)

From the Tournament series (similar to The Professional from Diamond), to the decadent Select series, all the way to the newest Modern series, no matter the style of your billiards hall is, you will most likely beablee to find a suitable table at Olhausen.

View the styles described above and more by clicking the link below.

View more at Olhausen Billiards


Brunswick is a more mainstream brand, but their selection is still appropriate for all scales of billiards halls. If you want to spend $40,000 per table (yikes), you can go with the Isabella. If you want the total opposite, you can go with the Allenton. In total, they offer 24 commercial models.

Most brands on this list aren’t on the forefront of website design – Brunswick is different. Head to the pool table page, browse the selection, go through the customizer, and you can order your tables as soon as today.

To see the tables in person, find a dealer. Because of Brunswick’s popularity, their tables are carried by major retailers across the country. If you see one on the website you like, contact the dealer closest to you beforehand to ensure they have the model available – as you can imagine, not all dealers carry the more expensive ($20,000+) models.

Our 3 favorite models from Brunswick


Bold. Blocky design with connectors between legs gives this pool table a strong presence in any billiards hall.


Refined. A lean and seamless design makes the Bridgeport one of Brunswick’s most attractive models (in our opinion, at least).


Classy. Certain billiards halls won’t be suited for the traditional pool table aesthetic. The Manhattan breaks from the normal without coming off as tacky.

View the styles described above and more by clicking the link below.

View more at Brunswick Billiards

Presidential Billiards

Presidential Pool Table BrandGo with Presidential if you want pool tables that impress. Every model has the “it” factor that differentiates it from the other masses of commercial pool tables on the market today.

The brand focuses on the 1-on-1 customer over one-time sales. To get a quote on any of their tables, you have to request a quote online or call them, and from there, you’ll be talking to someone who knows his or her stuff and can guide you through the selection and customization process from A to Z.

In terms of the brands on this qualified list, Presidential is the truly high-end selection of the four. Other companies have models in similar price ranges, but Presidential combines luxury products with luxury support and service, too.

Note that some Presidential tables aren’t available in 9’. If that is a must for your space requirements, look at one of the other three brands on this page.

Get an overview on their products  and if any catch your eye, contact Presidential Billiards.

View more at Presidential Billiards


There are a wide variety of smaller pool table manufacturers who output fewer than 200 tables per year. As a homeowner, these tables can get the job done, but as a commercial buyer who is looking for pool tables for a billiards hall, you should go with a brand that focuses on dealing with clientele such as yourself.

The four brands above will cover almost every possible pool table, regardless of what you’re looking for in terms of price, style, quality, or any other defining factor.

Scroll up and click the links beneath the descriptions of each company to view pictures and learn more about their commercial pool table selections.

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