The Basel Bomb Event from FlowerBombTV Is Setting a New Precedent in the Art Industry

Because of the way technology has changed the expectations of others, the art industry has been forced to adapt. Because people have such short attention spans, artists who would like to meet the expectations of the general public need to find a way to meet them. Instead of presenting art in a traditional gallery, artists have been forced to find a new way to express themselves. That is where the idea for the Basel Bomb event, spearheaded by FlowerBombTV, rose to the surface. FlowerBombTV originally worked as a full-time nurse and used her art as a way to alleviate the stress that her job created. Eventually, she decided to give up nursing in an effort to pursue art full-time. This led to the growth of the first Basel Bomb event, which is changing the way art is created, viewed, and shared with the world.

FlowerBombTV Looks for a New Way To Share Her Art with the World

From the first time FlowerBombTV pursued her own art, she knew that her art was not going to follow traditional patterns. Even though a lot of classically-trained artists are used to showing off their art in a traditional gallery, FlowerBombTV knew that she needed something different. She had to find a way to bring her art to life instead of having it sit on a blank, white, 2D canvas. Therefore, she decided to take a trip down to Miami to meet with her business partner. 

Those who have been to Miami before know that this is a part of the country that is known for its nightlife. Therefore, FlowerBombTV and her business partner decided to try to turn traditional art galleries into a party. That was where the idea of the Basel Bomb event was born.

Live Music, Cars, and Entertainment Come To Life Through the Basel Bomb

FlowerBombTV decided to modernize the idea of the traditional art gallery by turning it into a party. She used social media to share the event with the world. Then, she encouraged people to book a table and attend the event with a few unique offerings that are not seen at traditional events.

First, she communicated with a few local artists and encouraged them to share their art on a 3D platform. To do this, she brought in a Tesla, a Rolls-Royce, and an Aston Martin! On top of this unique affair, she also decided to bring in some live entertainment as well! Finally, she offered bottle service at their tables as well.

Without a doubt, this unique art event got the attention of everyone. It had the feel of a nightclub with live music, unique cars decorated by professional artists, bottle service at the table, and more! Now, FlowerBombTV is in the process of trying to bring more Basel Bomb events to life.

Promoting the Event for the Benefit of Other Artists

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a challenge for local artists. The pandemic has placed numerous art events on hold and many artists are trying to figure out what to do next. That is where the Basel Bomb event is helpful.

FlowerBombTV knows that it is hard to make it as a solo, individual artist. She knows that she struck gold with the Basel Bomb event and understands that there are other artists who are looking to get their work in front of the general public. As a result, FlowerBombTV wants to use the idea of the Basel Bomb for the benefit of other artists as well.

Traditionally, artists who attend live art galleries have to pay a hefty fee just to put their art on display. Then, there is no guarantee that they would receive anything in return. FlowerBombTV is looking for a way to change all of this. By providing young artists with an opportunity to leave with something in their hands, FlowerBombTV is looking for a way to help artists just like her.

Looking at the Future of the Art Industry

Similar to other industries, the world of art is changing quickly. Today, consumers are looking for something different. Those who are going to succeed are those who are able to adapt to meet the demands of their audience. That is exactly what FlowerBombTV is doing with the Basel Bomb event.

Because the first event was such a huge hit, FlowerBombTV is planning more events with the idea of getting other young artists involved. Turning the world of art into a giant bash is sure to get the general public more interested in everything that the world of art can provide.