This Guy's Incredible Tricks Will Thrill You (And Make You Scared For His Safety)

They say that if you want to overcome your fears, you have to face them head on — but this guy took his to a whole other (and slightly terrifying) level.

John Farnworth can pull off some pretty cool tricks with a soccer ball. Okay, that’s a bit of an understatement. In fact, the 31-year-old holds multiple Guinness World Records for his amazing moves as a soccer freestyler. But as a person who’s always striving to push his limits and abilities to greater heights, he recently decided to perform tricks atop a 600-foot radio mast in Lancashire, England.

It took Farnworth nearly an hour to climb to the top of the structure. “It might surprise some people but I am actually quite scared of heights,” he said.

“I always like to push myself, especially something I have a fear of. It was quite windy up there but it was not quite as bad as I had expected.”

Watch below as Farnworth shows what he can do without dropping his ball, and don’t be surprised if it leaves your palms a little sweaty.

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