This Man Took A Photo In A Cemetery And Found This Creepy Face

Our minds can play dangerous tricks on us. While our brains should tell us what we’re really seeing, they sometimes allow us to believe the unbelievable.

While I possess a pretty active imagination, I sometimes have to shake myself back to reality and realize what I think I’m witnessing is actually my mind playing tricks on me. Now, I’ll be totally honest when I tell you that I’m not 100 percent certain whether or not I believe in the paranormal, but what this man caught on camera while walking through a graveyard at night might just make me a true believer.

Reddit user Bertnz took this freaky graveyard shot on a windy walk almost 10 years ago. Notice anything ghoulish yet?

What about now?

While not the best picture quality, there definitely appears to be something resembling a face on the left-hand side of the photo.

Do you think Bertnz captured a visitor from the great beyond, or are our minds playing tricks on us again?

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