Tips on Experiencing Sibenik Like a Local

A trip to Croatia cannot be complete without visiting the city of Sibenik. If you are wondering why, Sibenik is a city of amazing history and modern attractions that will make you to think of extending your stay in Croatia. However, in order to get the most from your visit, it is important to experience Sibenik like a local. The question is how can I do that? Well, the following are the basics tips how to do it.

If you do not know, sunny days are the most enjoyable in Sibenik. Just like the locals do, you can start by walking to the waterfront and get a cup of coffee before starting your trip around town. Once you are ready for your day, do not use the busy streets but the narrow streets of Sibenik so that you can discover the well-preserved parts of the town that are not visible from the main streets. Do not forget to visit St. James Cathedral that took over 100 years to be complete and see its amazing features that will leave you dazzled.

Remember you need some refreshment as you walk around the city of Sibenik. Well, no need to find a restaurant, you can walk at the town beach and drink some coffee as you enjoy cool breezes from the sea. To those who love beach games, you can walk a few miles to the Solaris Beach Resort where you will find themed award winning clean beaches with lovely white sand. If you want to take your fun to another level, you can visit the Aquapark in Solaris for water adventure. This is an ideal place if you are with your children. They will never feel like leaving the Aquapark.

Do not leave Solaris without visiting Dalmatia Ethno Village. Here traditionally dressed hosts will help you to explore the ancient crafts of Sibenik in the most special way possible. You can also spend some time mingling with the locals as you enjoy some local dishes such as veal among others. If you love islands and waterfalls, all that you need is is to visit Krka waterfalls and the Kornati islands that are about 20 minutes drive from Sibenik. Here you can enjoy natural attractions such as the seven waterfalls and the largest travertine waterfall in Europe. Do not forget to visit the second oldest hydro-power plant on the Krka that was constructed in 1895.

Kornati islands are another must visit during your trip to Sibenik. It is recommendable to visit the islands during the day so that you discover amazing reefs, famous cliffs and numerous islands. To those who love taking a walk to the countryside, you can visit the walking path through the St. Ante canal, which is gathering place for Sibenik locals. Here you can spend some quality time away from the crowded city life as you enjoy fantastic views of Sibenik from a distance. Do not forget to stop at the Sibenik Bridge and take some pictures or even attempt to bungee jump if you are brave enough.


Sibenik is known for its pleasant climate throughout the year with long, warm and sunny days that make visitors to come again and again. It is interesting to note that many visitors decide to buy some real estate in Sibenik because it is cheaper than the usual standards of the other countries. You can as well buy yourself a vacation home for convenience every time you visit Croatia.

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