Top 5 Minecraft Host Servers

Top 5 Minecraft Host Servers Hosting Minecraft games is not that difficult when you have selected a capable hosting provider and have set it up accordingly.

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Find out more about this practice in this article prepared by the Howtohosting Guide team brings us the top providers with short summaries on why they are the best choices.

Alongside every option, there is a short summary showing what the benefits of the given service are.

1. MineSuperior

One of the most well-known choices is the MineSuperior network. It is one of the biggest realms used by Minecraft users, and due to its expansion over the years, it has grown to support a lot of useful features.

It has a registered and tracked uptime of 99.8%, which means that there are hardly ever network disruptions. This is critical for players that spend more time on MineSuperior.

Game-wise, the players have the option to choose a Factions server if they want to be a part of a larger player group. Another fun part of this Minecraft server is their hosting of a Prison mode, in which the players have to dig their way to the end.

This is a challenging approach that is regarded by many as an important part of the Minecraft experience.

Other game modes that can be chosen include Towny (focused on building towns and communities), Creative (having the ability to build whatever the players want), and Skyblock.

The main website is designed around a forum of registered users, meaning that information is readily available.

For easier communication among the players that have chosen the MineSuperior Minecraft hosting game server, there is also a Discord channel.

2. MineVille

MineVille describes itself as a community-driven Minecraft hosting server, that takes into account user’s feedback. With a lot of active players and an excellent uptime of 99.8%, it’s regarded as one of the recommended choices for both beginner and experienced users.

Minecraft game realms that are featured in it are the Skyblock, Prison, and Survival. Updates are released at frequent intervals, which improves the game’s experience over time.

Like other popular servers for this game, there is a dedicated Discord Channel available

3. MCPrison

For fans of the Prison Minecraft game realm, one of the best choices is the MCPrison server. This is regarded as the first aquatic prison experience set which runs Minecraft 1.16. This is fun-centric choice that includes the following unique experiences:

  •  Enchantments;
  •  Enchantment Gemstones;
  •  Realms/Private Mines hosting;
  •  Paths;
  •  Robots;
  •  Hosting of Giveaways.

Players will be happy to know that there are unique enchantments. Play is recommended to be done in version 1.15 for the best experience.

3. CubeCraft Games

This is another popular and large game hosting server. It is regarded among players with their ability to hold a lot of concurrent players on a single realm.

They have an uptime of 99.5%, which is excellent when the fact is taken that there is constantly a heavy load on the backend servers.

Combining an excellent performance and having gained popularity among users, CubeCraft Games includes a lot of specialized game modes such as the following:

  •  Skyblock;
  •  Among Slimes – A custom minigame that is inspired by ‘Among Us’ and ‘Murder Mystery’;
  •  EggWars – Also known as ‘MoneyWars’;
  •  SkyWars;
  •  Tower Defence.

There are also other game experiences that can be trialled, and the list continues to grow as the administrators constantly patch the live servers. Having such a large selection of games, potential players can choose both PvE or PvP modes.

4. Snapcraft

As far as game hosting servers go, one of the best possible variants is Snapcraft. It is a popular community that includes a lot of game modes, perfect to suit every gamer.

The reason why so many people play on it is their 100% registered uptime, a fact that is very rare among such networks. It is particularly suited for players that demand well-versed and dynamic PvP action by having a specially-prepared map for this game mode.

The Survival preference comes with a specially-coded MMORPG twist, bringing a fresh approach to the overall experience. Other interesting features include a balanced Prison mode, a well as a Zombie apocalypse survival minigame.

By taking advantage of the numerous gaming options and modes, Minecraft gamers can also choose to build their own custom assets and objects on their own reserved (protected) plots.

5. Detox Network

This is regarded as one of the best servers for playing v1.16 Survival mode. The administrators have created a custom economy with other features that are part of it.

It has an excellent uptime of 99.8%, which is considered very high and allows for a stable game over long hours.

The team behind the Detox Network game hosting server has implemented their own price adjustments, which is considered by them to be better than the originally intended.

In PvP, the old combat mechanisms have been placed to provide a better overall experience.

Engaged players in this Minecraft game hosting server will find that there is enhanced land claiming procedures, player warps, and exciting opportunities such as shops and casinos.

In-game trading is encouraged using a wide range of possibilities, including rentable player shops, trading chats, and etc

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