Top 6 Tips For A Successful Job Interview

If you’ve managed to land an interview for the job of your dreams, be sure to congratulate yourself. However, there’s still one more step you have to take before this job will officially be yours, and that is to win your potential employer over in a face-to-face interview.

How to land your dream job is a question that many people have, and honestly, it all comes down to the interview. This is your chance to create a great first impression and to prove to your potential employer that you are exactly who they are looking for.

Here are the top six tips for a successful job interview:

1. Conduct Research On The Company

Ideally, you should have already conducted extensive research of the company you wish to work for before you even applied for the job. It’s guaranteed that your potential employer will ask you questions about the company to test your knowledge, so this is not something you want to mess up on.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

The old saying goes that practice makes perfect, and that could not be any more true for a job interview. Have a friend or relative ask you questions that you anticipate the interviewer will ask you, and then have them give you feedback in regards to your posturing and the depth of your answers.

3. Dress Professionally

Nothing will create a bigger first impression on your interviewer more than what you’re wearing because this is what they will see first when you first walk through the door. Not only must you wear professional business attire, you also must choose clothing that is clean with as few wrinkles as possible. The golden rule is to be overdressed rather than underdressed

4. Arrive Before The Interview

Arriving late for the interview is easily one of the worst things you can do because it says a lot to your potential employer about who you are. As a general rule of thumb, always arrive at least fifteen minutes before the interview is scheduled to begin.

5. Display Effective Body Language

Not only will your interviewer be paying close attention to your answers, they’ll be taking careful note of your body language as well. Important body language tips to follow include sitting upright, smiling. giving your interviewer eye contact throughout the interview, and listening intently and nodding when your interviewer speaks.

6. Be Calm and Confident

Remember to be calm and confident throughout the interview. Don’t fidget in your seat or stammer your way through the questions. Take a deep breath before the interview and in between each of your answers, and know that it’s perfectly fine to ask your interviewer for clarification on questions you’re confused on.

The good news is that by rehearsing with your friend or relative extensively before the interview, you will be able to keep your stress and anxiety to a minimum.

Securing The Job Of Your Dreams

By successfully following the tips outlined and discussed in this article, you can make your job interview a walk in the park and easily win the job you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Hey Susan!

    Nice article. All the points are beautifully elaborated.

    Although I also believe that apart from working on personal improvement, one should work on Curriculum Vitae (CV) as well.

    A well-maintained CV always forms a good impressional and help companies know the candidate well.

    I would appreciate if you could add the point.