Top Gaming Industry Facts You Should Know

Gambling has become a prominent part of the gaming industry. It has a rich history and vibrant culture that’s interesting as the games themselves. According to world gambling statistics, around 26% of the population gambles. 

And as of 2018, the gambling industry net worth in the US alone is $261 billion, employing 1.8 million individuals in 48 states.

Gambling is more than just winning and losing – it’s entertaining and gives you a different kind of thrill. If you’ve played casino games or have spent any time at a casino, you have perhaps come across characters who are always ready to amuse you with gambling facts and stories. 

But, the next time, you can show them off with your knowledge about the gambling industry with our top gaming industry facts. Below, we have created a list of the top gaming industry facts you should know if you love gambling. 

The Legality of Gambling in the United States 

In the United States, many forms of gambling are legal. However, since it is a constitutional nation with a combined system of government, no form of gambling is legal everywhere. This makes the legality of gambling a bit complicated in the US. 

In simple terms, those who love gambling can find places with permissive gambling laws, and those who don’t will find places where gambling is 100% banned.  

With that said, except for Hawaii and Utah, all 48 states in the US have some form of legalized gambling. Hawaii and Utah have a 100% ban on all kinds of gambling – you can’t even play bingo. 

Now, let’s take a look at the US gambling facts and revenue. 

• US commercial casinos in 2017 generated $41.2 billion in revenue, and it increased to a whopping $51.4 billion in 2018 

• US tribal casinos generated $31.945 billion in 2017 and $32.801 billion in 2018 

• The poker rooms revenues didn’t see many variations in terms of revenue as both 2017 and 2018 saw same revenue generation at $1.9 billion  

• While the lottery is one of the most popular gambling games, it saw a sudden dip in revenue from $80.55 billion in 2017 to $72 billion in 2018 

• The total revenue in 2017 was calculated at $158.54 billion and in 2018, it was calculated at $161.24 billion

The first online casino was launched in 1994 

Gambling enthusiasts across the globe have been enjoying online gambling for more than two decades now. Microgaming is the world’s leading online game creator who introduced the world to online gambling by launching The Gaming Club Casino in 1994. 

Las Vegas is no longer the World’s Gambling Capital 

When we talk about casinos, our hearts and brain point to Las Vegas. But in recent years, there have been drastic changes. If you want a truly immersive gambling experience, you might want to head to Macau.

The local gambling industry is worth $40 billion (approx.) in revenue and seven times larger than its stateside competitor! 

The first World Series of Poker was decided by a vote! 

The World Series of Poker was debuted in 1970, and unlike its current tournament structure – the main event coupled with dozens of freeze-out tournaments – the 1970 tournament featured a cash game session. 

The inaugural tournament was by invitation only, and there were only 7 participants. What’s even more bizarre was the fact that the players voted for who they believed was the greatest poker player in the world. According to rumors, the players even voted for themselves. 

These are some amazing facts and shocking stats about the gambling industry, and before we conclude, you would also want to know that it was gambling that made the Great Wall of China possible!