Unrealistic Moments from “Gossip Girl”

1. Chuck and Blair’s entire relationship. Actually, it’s also about the endless chances Chuck Bass got from Queen B.

2. They had a black-tie gala, masked ball, or fancy charity gala every single weekend. Unbelievable.

3 When Blair didn’t know Louis was royalty. Yeah, right. How?!

4. They were served alcohol even before they were at a legal age. Plus, Chuck Bass owns a club even before he was 21.

5. No bad hair day or wardrobe problems. Everything was P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

6. Dan and Serena got married, knowing that they share a half-brother.

7. When they know what to say in every situation like everything was scripted.

8. When Chuck’s Bass dad rose from the dead.

9. When Blair went to NYU and lived in a dorm. Yup, Queen B. The materialistic girl.

10. Dan was Gossip Girl. NO WAY!