Ways You Can Have Fun With Your Friends at Home

Most people think that the best way to spend time with their friends is to go clubbing or partying somewhere in town during weekends, but not everyone enjoys this. In fact, there are more and more people who are looking for alternative ways to spend some fun time with their friends.

One of the ways you can gather all your friends together in a more cozy atmosphere, where you can all actually talk about something and be more relaxed, is to invite them all over and do something fun. In this post, I will give a couple of interesting and cool suggestions about what you can do when you invite your friends over.

You don’t have to go out to find a party, you can bring the party home! There are many ways to do this, if standard friday night parties are not really your thing.

Organize a gaming event


If you have a lot of friends that are “geeks” and into video games, maybe the best idea is to invite them on a friday night to sit back and play video games the whole night. Games can be more fun than parties and you won’t even have to spend a lot of money.

Even if your friends aren’t that into games, if they are open-minded, they might like this idea and you’ll end up having a lot of fun. There are various games you can all play together and you can compete in various sports, races, or you can go for a fighting game like Mortal Kombat.

Even if people don’t like games, they always like to compete and everyone will get caught up in the moment because of this. You’ll have a blast.

Combine this with some food and drinks and you will have a great night.

Host a movie night

Everyone has a big flatscreen in their homes nowadays and everyone likes watching something cool, no matter if we are talking about movies, TV series, cartoons, or sports. The important thing is to gather a group of people that are interested in the same thing so that everyone will enjoy themselves.

It’s quite simple and easy. You like watching movies on the internet? Just connect the TV with your laptop and you are good to go. Plan out the whole night and go for back-to-back movie watching.

Arm yourself with a lot of snacks, popcorn and some tasty beverages and, if you really want to make the night turn into something special, find themed props that go with the spirit of the movies you will be watching. You can even make themed snacks!

Lord of The Rings marathon anyone? Lembas bread anyone?

Cook for your friends


If you don’t have time to cook during the week and you are constantly in a hurry because of your work and other obligations you have to finish, then you can use the opportunity to finally do some cooking during the weekends. Not only that you will be rested and have the energy to finally do this, but you will be motivated to cook something special for your friends.

You all probably just want to chill out after a long work week, eat some nice food and relax. Add some drinks to this mix as well and you will have a recipe for a great night at home. You can cook themed meals specific for a certain country or something you and your friends talked about and agreed that you all liked.

Karaoke perhaps?


One of the most entertaining events for people of all ages are karaoke events and everyone falls in love with them after they’ve participated just once. Even those people who are introverts love them after they’ve tried them for the first time. Still, find the right songs for everyone and make sure that they know them.

This might be difficult but some undercover work won’t really hurt you. If you have consoles like Wii or PlayStation, you can find many karaoke options there. Prepare for a crazy night full of laughs, tears, and overall joy. Add some alcohol to the whole equation and just let the magic happen.

In the end, remember to arrange your seating areas and clean up your whole home before the guests come. If you have some ideas for preparing an entertaining night with your friends at home, feel free to share them and help others have fun as well.