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What's Trapping These Homeowners Will Make You Think They Should Just Burn It Down

One of the most common fears out there is arachnophobia.

People tend to not like spiders, especially in their living space. I’m usually a fan of capture and release when possible, but when I saw what one couple had to go through in Australia, I couldn’t help but think they should just burn the whole house down.

Lauren Ansell and her partner were cooking a meal outside. When they turned to go back in the house, they saw something almost unbelievable on their door.

This is a huntsman spider and it is beyond enormous. First, they gently shooed it away, which made it angry.

But all in all, Ansell seemed relatively unbothered by the experience and says she nicknamed it Aragog after the giant spider in “Harry Potter.”

Fortunately, the couple hasn’t seen the giant beast again, but they believe Aragog is living in their garden. Yikes. Maybe burn down the garden, too.

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