Why You Don’t Need to Go to Jackpot Junction

Online entertainment has changed A LOT in the last year to say the least! With a mass amount of shut downs fo many businesses, folks are forced to look for alternative ways to enjoy themselves and often it’s online entertainment they search for.  Jackpot Junction has historically been the a physical place to go for sweepstakes fanatics. It’s a super cool place but now that travel is hard and it only has one location in Minnesota, things are changing!  BUT you can still win big money without having to go inside Jackpot Junction.

Win Big Money Online

If you’re looking for an awesome place to play online sweepstakes or find some fun online entertainment, you can’t beat win big money! They’ve been in business for over 15 years and offer some of the most fun games online that you can play anytime anywhere in the comfort of your pajamas!

Win Big Money is extremely excited to offer four of the top-rated sweepstakes gaming systems available! Play Golden Dragon, VPower, Orion Stars, or River Sweeps anywhere, anytime! Collectively offering over 200 different games for your entertainment and fantastic in game comps, spins, and bonuses offered daily!


Lots of online entertainment is crazy expensive! At Win Big Money you can play online sweepstakes for as little as $1.  And there’s unlimited potential for winning prizes! Every day they have new specials available to check out for their promotions for different games. There is also no purchase necessary to play or get promotions. Win Big Money offers instant discounts for getting on their email list and daily email promotions. All of which from the privacy of your own home and no need to go inside to Jackpot Junction all the way in Minnesota.


Jackpot Junction has a bar inside the hotel but if you’re looking to not have to take any kind of risk of drinking and driving, you can play all kinds of games at home with Win Big Money. Just head on over to the website at winbigmoney.com and choose from any one of 200+ games. You can be one of the online sweepstakes fanatics and have a drink in the comfort of your pajamas at home with family or friends.

What Else Can You Do There?

You can schedule meetings, take calls, do work, enjoy family time, friend time and lounge around with your own online gaming system at your fingertips.  Winbigmoney.com wanted to create an online alternative to Jackpot Junction that didn’t require you to have any other outside stress near you.   Avoid smoking, loud & rowdy people who may cause problems, embarrassment or fights, avoid folks who’ve been drinking, large crowds, parking issues & having to travel all the way across the country to go to a big resort like Jackpot Junction. At home you can do anything else you want in the privacy & comfort of your home.

Why Do You Want to Play at Win Big Money Vs. Jackpot Junction?

  1. QUALITY: The quality of the games is always a mentioned when comparing Win Big Money to Jackpot Junction. With over 200 options you can for sure find something that interests your particular playing style at winbigmoney.com.
  2. WEEKLY PROMOS: Every week Win Big Money has more promos for you Sweepstakes Fanatics, to try games for free, get double your spend and adds new games every month. Jackpot Junction does have occasional promos you can check out as well but you must be physically present to apply them.
  3. GIFT CARDS: Win Big Money offers some great gift cards where they will match even your first $40 in spend to try out different games. Jackpot Junction has gift cards but they don’t include matching bonuses.
  4. DRINK EAT & BE MERRY: Both places offer different ways to enjoy yourself. Win Big Money allows you do to that from the comfort of your own home, Jackpot Junction requires you to travel to do that as well. 

How Do You Find Out More Information?

If you want to find more information, it’s very easy to do. You can call Win Big Money on the phone or simply visit their website at winbigmoney.com. They also have a handy area where you can sign up for their emails. This will alert you to all of the specials that they are posting every week. If you’re traveling to Minnesota you can contact Jackpot Junction for more info as well.  Overall, any question that you have can be answered by the competent professionals that will be providing their assistants on Facebook messenger. Whether this comes in the form of an email, or a verbal communication, this business is always ready to help patrons that need to have their questions answered.

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