10 Best Free Resources Entrepreneurs Should Use

Business isn’t just a business. It is a source of daily bread and butter for some, source of livelihood for another, somebody’s hope, love, and hard work. It can also be somebody’s childhood dream which took decades to turn into reality.

No matter what business means to you and me giving up on it just like that is not an option.

However what if the business is not that profitable because of low productivity?

Every business is subjected to risks but being an entreprenuer it is your duty to not just let go of things like that. You ought to gather up the remains and set up a business as tall as the sky!

But how will you do that? How will you rescue your failing business?

The solution is right in front of your eyes: the Internet. Yes, the Internet and its outstanding tools.

Using the internet and various free tools can bring a revolutionary shift in your business operations. It is a rescuer that won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

This guide will walk you through 10 of the most outstanding tools that will help in building your business and turn it into a skyscraper, with a strong foundation and a lot of productive returns:

Back your stuff with Dropbox

If storing all your important files and sharing them with your group stresses you out, then Dropbox is the tool for you.

Creating important files is extremely important but what is more important, is saving it at the right time and the right place where it is accessible to everybody.

Every person becomes a node who can freely access the files whenever they need any. Dropbox allows you to share files with all your employees and collate all the files in one place.

It allows you to save all your important documents to the cloud, access them from any computers, and share them via email to invite more leads and prospects.

Collaborate with Github

Github is a team management service that helps in facilitating collaboration in software development. You can add unlimited teams, team members of projects in its database without any difficulty.

This tool is flexible enough to accommodate as many numbers of teams in it as you like. It is also flexible in the sense that you can set permission levels raging from read-only to exercising complete administrative control. Thus it is a very safe tool to employ.

Create awe-inspiring presentations with pre-designed PowerPoint templates on SlideTeam

If creating PowerPoint presentations from scratch makes you nervous and is not your cup of tea, then use SlideTeam services.

They develop and templatize various business topics of all industries and verticals to help customers like you and me to present with full confidence and agility.

They also have a rich collection of PowerPoint templates that are created professionally and cater to all the user’s requirements. This is why SlideTeam services are the best when it comes to downloading pre-designed templates for personal and professional use.

Generate cool graphics and logos for free using CoolText

CoolText is a tool using which you can create outstanding graphics for free. All you have to do is submit a form describing your preferences and CoolText custom-generates one.

It also offers a huge variety of free fonts as much as 1200 fonts that give you a lot of options to choose from. Usually, to create logos you need a graphic designer but with CoolText you can suffice without a graphic designer and create quick logo campaigns in a matter of minutes.

It’s especially helpful for a startup that does not have a lot of resources and budget to get a logo designed by a graphic designer.

Organize your documents with Google Docs

Google Docs is an absolutely free document management tool that can be used by anybody having a Gmail/ Google Account. It comes with the users’ Gmail account and is completely shareable. It also allows group editing which makes it a very convenient tool. 

Host powerful live chats using SnapEngage

SnapEngage is all about engaging those customers by providing them solutions in live chat sessions while they are browsing through the website.

It provides detailed information and stats about the customers and automatically starts conversating with them on your behalf.

This ensures even if you are not active on your website, your customers don’t go empty-handed. It also sends programmed responses to your customers and allows you to transfer a specific customer to other online agents seamlessly.

Share your best work samples on SlideShare to get applauded

SlideShare is a platform where you can share your best files like presentations, infographics, documents, reports, etc. privately or publicly to generate more leads and prospects.

Create awesome-looking surveys using Typeform

Sometimes online surveys can be quite boring for people to answer which makes them more likely to be ignored. In such a case beautifully designed, clear and mobile-friendly surveys created using Typeform can be quite helpful.

It will help you assess whether you are moving in the right direction or not by helping you acquire valuable feedbacks.

Maintain consistency and motivation with Momentum

If getting bored while working and losing interest haunts you, then Momentum is the right app for you. It is a homepage replacement app designed to inspire and motivate you throughout the day.

As soon as you open your browser, Momentum using its skills greets you with your name and an inspiring quote to keep you going. It helps you foster commitment towards your work.

Tap right email addresses with Voila Norbert

It can be extremely frustrating to browse through a person’s website to find his email address. Voila Norbert finds email addresses of the respective people even if they are not mentioned on the website.

You just have to key in the name, contact and the domain name of their company to find their right email address which you can target later on.

Entrepreneurship is an exercise that is subjected to trial and error. And the ability to stay on toes, keep on going is the key. What works for you might not work for the other.

So, use these tools to find out the best ones and shortlist them for your individual business operations!