Shalom Lamm’s Ultimate Entrepreneurship Guide

Entrepreneurship is stemmed for a deep passion for starting a business to overall improve the success of a certain industry. Individuals who choose to take the risk of leaving an established career to set off on their own and dedicate their life to making a difference in the world, they must obtain the qualities of resilience and perseverance. Some famous entrepreneurs, including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, took that exact risk and ended up more successful than they ever could’ve imagined. This article is intended to be a roadmap for eager entrepreneurs who want to make a name for their company’s mission. 

Shalom Lamm is a great example of someone who turned passion into action and entered the world of entrepreneurship. After graduating from Yeshiva University and earning a Master’s degree in American Military History from the American Military University, he became what many call him an “entrepreneur pioneer.” Being a member of the Jewish community, Lamm is the CEO of the non-profit organization Operation Benjamin. This company’s mission is to preserve the memories of American-Jewish servicemen and women who tragically lost their lives during World War II. After passing, many of these soldiers were buried under Latin Crosses instead of the Star of David, which properly represents their religion. Shalom Lamm and his team were determined to fix those mistakes, and give the families of the fallen soldiers a proper Jewish burial. 

According to Medium.com, the mission of Operation Benjamin has meant more to Shalom Lamm than any other project he has invested time in. He says, “There are few things as important as ensuring that someone is provided a proper burial and that their memory is consecrated in a way that would have been consistent with their desires. I have been involved in many causes and wonderful organizations in my lifetime, but I can say without equivocation that this cause is one whose mission I find to be one of the most important. Every time our organization plays a role in ensuring that a soldier’s identity is afforded just recognition, I’m left with a sense of accomplishment that is truly indescribable.” For people who desire to make as much of an impact on other people’s lives, Shalom Lamm is an ideal figure to look to for inspiration.

A key factor to becoming an entrepreneur is to have the correct mindset before starting the business. Map out potential roadblocks that come your way and figure out whether or not you have the passion and the patience to work through them, and not just give up. Another factor is prior experience. According to a study conducted by the Kauffman Foundation, 98% of entrepreneurs said their previous experiences in the business world helped them tremendously when starting out their own company. They developed crucial communication skills and knew how to properly gain relationships with others to help reach their goals. Lastly, turning ideas into action is pivotal in a company’s success. Executing ideas and getting projects completed at a steady pace is really beneficial and helps the business grow. If passionate entrepreneurs follow these steps and have the foundation to build a business from the ground up, they are likely to turn into very successful companies.

Entrepreneurship is an overwhelming business to get involved in, and not everyone who tries it out ends up with the results they had hoped for. However, individuals who take the time to research how successful entrepreneurs like Shalom Lamm were able to accomplish their dreams, they are in better shape to persevere. Like any other passion, dedicating enormous amounts of time and energy is required, along with previous knowledge and reliance to potential problems, is what will separate successful businesses from the rest.

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