Stress Management: How to Combat the Stressors of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs face an immense amount of stress when starting and running a business. You have the pressure of trying to keep your business from failing but then you’re also facing the stressor of not losing yourself in the process… And those are just a few pressures… Nonetheless, when these stressors are handled the wrong way, it can make you feel pushed to your absolute limit.

Becoming a business owner means you’ll have to constantly be engaged in it but does the tradeoff off have to mean that you put your physical and mental health at risk? It shouldn’t feel that way but unfortunately, the stress that comes with running a business is unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t implement habits and processes to keep those stressors at bay, or to at least handle them better.

The key to keeping your stressors at bay is to first get to the bottom of what’s causing them in the first place. Are you a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to get certain things done? Are you having problems in your personal life that’s bleeding into your professional life?

All of those questions are important to ask yourself because the answers to those questions are what’s going to help you move in the right direction to try and find a resolution to mitigating your stress.

Below are some common ways to tone your stress levels down a notch and keep burnout at bay. Take a look at some of the most effective ways to combat the stressors that come along with entrepreneurship.

Effective Ways to Combat the Stressors Associated With Entrepreneurship 

Delegate Some of Your Responsibilities

As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be wearing many different hats, which also means that you’re going to have many responsibilities in wearing those hats. But the part where entrepreneurs go wrong is thinking that they have to take on those responsibilities all on their own.

By delegating those responsibilities, entrepreneurs can alleviate a lot of the stress they’re experiencing simply because someone else is doing it and they’ll have more time to work on more important areas of their business.

According to the Harvard Business Review, evidence suggests that entrepreneurs are more at risk of burnout because of how passionate they are. The irony in the situation is that the very thing they’re passionate about the most is the very thing that can cause them to fall out of love with their business.

Invest in Business Insurance

When you become a business owner, you are automatically the target of attempted lawsuits and negligence claims from customers and employees alike. There’s never a moment where you don’t have a feeling that someone will try to come after your business and take all it’s worth.

Fortunately, this particular stressor can be alleviated with the right form of business insurance. A professional liability policy protects you if your in the business of providing some type of service of giving advice whereas, worker’s compensation is a policy that covers damage to an employee if they’re injured on the job. 

Depending on the type of business you’re running, it may require you to have multiple policies for the ultimate coverage from all your risks. But you can rest assured in knowing that there’s not a single business insurance policy that will be as expensive as paying for damages from a legal claim against your business.

Get Plenty of Rest

Getting rest is something that’s easier said than done for lots of entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur means that there will be lots of late nights and early mornings, but you also have to look at how the amount of rest you get impacts how well you run your business as well.

When you haven’t received ample rest, you start making careless mistakes, double booking meetings, and overlooking important aspects of your business. As much as you feel like you can do “one last thing,” it’s probably best that you sacrifice that last thing and give your brain the opportunity to reset and recharge for the next day.

Do the Things You Enjoy

In becoming an entrepreneur, it can be very easy to get lost in the business title and neglect the person behind the title. That reason alone is why it’s so important to incorporate the things you enjoy into your busy schedule.

If you enjoyed exercising, you have to find a way to get back into it; If you enjoyed getting a massage twice a month, then you have to find a way to incorporate self-care into your busy schedule.

To get back to doing the things you enjoy, it might mean waking up an hour or two earlier or it might mean making your meeting times end a little sooner. The point is that you have to put forth an effort to remain true to yourself throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Not doing so can cause you to build up resentment later on down the line, whether it’s from sleepless nights and early mornings or missing some of your son’s soccer games.