Succeeding as a Teenage Entrepreneur: A Lesson in Using What You Know

High school can be among the most challenging yet exciting years of someone’s life. While many kids are focused on trying to get into a top university, lining up an internship, and finding a date to prom, other teenagers are starting businesses. This is a lesson in how everyone, including kids, should use what they know to their advantage. Mann Kong was just like any other kid. He was trying to finish high school so he could move on with his life. He was struggling to pass his classes and couldn’t figure out why; however, he decided to use what he knew to start a business. Now, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

If there is one thing that the younger generation knows, it has to do with technology. Mann Kong knew this. He knew that he was an expert on the internet and the digital world. Therefore, he decided to apply this and start a dropshipping business. This is a line of work where he creates a business that helps connect online orders with potential suppliers. What is challenging about teenagers running eCommerce stores is that they commonly don’t have a lot of space to place inventory. With dropshipping, Mann Kong will never see the inventory. Therefore, this allows him to scale his business quickly. Now, he owns numerous dropshipping stores and handles a tremendous number of orders every month. As a result, his business started to take off.

This even led to other business owners coming to Mann Kong to ask him for help. They wanted to know what made his business so successful. Therefore, he decided to apply his expertise to digital marketing next. He leveraged the power of social media, including Instagram, to generate leads for his clients. These leads eventually turned into sales, turning Mann Kong into a digital marketing guru as well. Already, the legend was starting to grow.

Finally, Mann Kong decided that he wanted to share his knowledge with other people. This led him to start an online education course. In this course, Mann Kong shares videos about dropshipping and helps other people get started in this field. Mann Kong knows that if he can succeed in this space, so can other people. Therefore, he created videos that explain dropshipping from start to finish.

Mann Kong is now an example for other people who want to start and grow their own small businesses. He used what he knew to create a successful business. Now, he is encouraging other people to do the same. It will be exciting to see where Mann Kong goes next. His business acumen is already impressive.

Adam is a content marketer, gym rat, husband, father and entrepreneur.

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