Super Nifty Gifts for an Awesome Entrepreneur in Your Life

It’s not that difficult to admit – finding the perfect gifts for entrepreneurs is especially complicated. In these days of gift shopping, there come those moments of frustration where you don’t know what to buy, especially when you’re looking for the perfect gift for your business-oriented friend. What can you give someone who knows what they want and always gets it? 

Sometimes it’s quite exhausting when the person you want to surprise isn’t very clear with their tastes or, on the other hand, are so modest that respond with “anything would do” or “nothing” when you ask them what they would like to get.

If you feel a bit lost in all this, this article should be your ultimate guide on how to choose a perfect gift for any, ANY entrepreneur in your life. According to Telegraph, there are hundreds of excellent gifts waiting to be purchased – and yes, even if you don’t believe it, some are just waiting for them!

1.     An interesting course

Constant learning is one of the great attributes that distinguish entrepreneurs. Research the courses or classes that might interest your friend, partner or boss and that could improve their skills as an entrepreneur (whether related to the business or to a specific area of the company). Another option is to deliver a coupon or a voucher for a course of some recreational or entertainment activities, such as flight, sports or crafts. Pretty cool, huh? But the best things are yet to come.

2.     A power bank

Entrepreneurs always keep walking from side to side. They always keep their mobile devices close, always running out of battery. And having a smartphone without a battery is not the worst thing that can happen to very busy entrepreneurs, especially when they are driving and using their phones to get the job done. It’s for these reasons that this power bank combo with cable could be what your colleague needs – to be able to always move and stay connected anywhere and at all times.

You can find many various shapes, colors and sizes – there are also compact-sized chargers that can be attached to your keychain, waiting to take action!

3. A super cool wall calendar

Who said paper calendars were out of date? Sometimes you just need an image to get motivated or change your mood after suffering a traffic jam or a stressful day, so giving away a wall calendar can be a good option.

The best thing about this – you can be as creative as your heart wishes. You can opt for one of his favorite movie or series and create a lovely, funny, cool calendar. Or you can simply add some daily motivational quotes for each month in it. It’s just ideal for organized entrepreneurs who continue to pull paper and post-its to those who like to have their home, office or coworking space customized to the fullest.

4. A spa session

After a hectic year, full of tasks and challenges, a relaxing spa session is probably the best thing you could come up with if you want to delight somebody. From a traditional one-hour massage to a full day spa (which includes various treatments and access to areas such as pools and saunas) this can be the perfect gift for a stressed and overly busy entrepreneur. Not only does it have to be a material gift – it can also help improve health, not only mental, but also physical since relaxing and disconnecting are quite necessary sometimes!

5.     A reusable water bottle

This is one of the gifts that anyone wishes for. Every businessman or businesswoman needs to hydrate before, during and after their working hours – so an extra bottle of water is never too much. There are recognized brands with bottles that keep cold and heat in addition to having very beautiful designs and colors, like Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle. Not only will it be useful, but it will also help them maintain their style with chic designs and enjoy their daily dose of water or any other favorite beverage while also worrying about the environment.

6. CBD oil

It may seem a bit strange considering the stigma that exists towards cannabis and cannabis users, since they are generally described as very forgetful, clumsy, lazy and unmotivated. This may be what someone looks like after consuming too much THC, but could not be further from the truth when it comes to CBD. The truth is that CBD oil has shown that it has the capacity to help people concentrate, which means that one entrepreneur simply NEEDS to have it! On Giftwits you can find some ideas of the most interesting variations of this powerful liquid – it’s available in different flavours, sizes and bottles!

7.     A star map

If you are dealing with a person that would be knocked off her feet by a slightly sentimental and unique gift, give them an original graphic representation of the starry sky at some point significant to them. Twinkle in Time deals with the creation of star maps that show the exact arrangement of the stars at some important life moments, such as the day they started their own business, their birthday or any other crucial date. These items are very decorative, too, and will look beautiful on the wall of an office or study room.

8.     A coffee machine

Work nights and mornings are inevitable for entrepreneurs. What if we facilitate that process with good coffee? For these unveiled and little-sleeping entrepreneurs, coffee is one of the best companions because it also stimulates memory and attention, says The NY Times.

Therefore, one of the best gifts for them could be a machine that prepares rich coffee instantly. You can find from the fashionable French presses (that prepare stronger coffee and tea), or the modern Nespresso or Dolce Gusto machines with which it’s possible to prepare delicious coffee in less than five minutes!

We promise that these gift ideas for entrepreneurs that we’ve just shared with you will make the person who receives it feel appreciated and see them immediately useful, especially if they are thinking about growing – or starting – their own business!