Thoughts on Success from Technological Entrepreneur Mark Weimer

Mark Weimer has spent most of his career in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area as a tech entrepreneur after graduating from Stanford University with a BA in Economics.

Mark was focused on using technology to reach large numbers of people from the moment he graduated and entered the workforce.

From 1992 to 1998, Mark served as President of Trust Consultants, Inc. This was Mark’s first turn at taking the helm and steering a company ship. Trust Consultants created retirement plan services for various commercial companies and acted as part of Marsh and McLennan Companies.

Trust Consultants managed retirement plans for clients of major financial institutions, including Chase Bank, Paine Webber, Wells Fargo, New York Life, and Citibank.

Beyond his term as President at Trust Consultants, Inc., Mark served as the Chairman and CEO of 401kServices.com, a company born in the midst of the dot com boom. Mark Weimer recognized a missing link in using internet technology that involved major financial institutions across the United States.

With Mark at the helm, 401kServices.com was a pioneer in the use of internet technology to connect customers and their retirement plans with leading financial institutions.

The Internet is the Thing

Like many who spend their careers in Silicon Valley, Mark Weimer consistently asks himself one question in everything he does. How can technology help us change the world? Mark Weimer has sought and brought consumers technological solutions that make our lives more comfortable with every new decision he makes throughout his career. He continues to do this today

New technology, especially internet technology, and the way that we use it, has always been an essential driver to our economy, and Mark believes he can affect the most positive movement forward for the world through his work with technology.

Mark also believes that the internet and all of its technological innovation can be a great tool for finding the right customers who are interested in your product when you are building a brand new business. Almost everyone in the world is on the internet.

With every click, they make consumer decisions that, if you are paying close enough attention, will inform you of whether or not they would be interested in the product or service that you are selling.

Mark has worked throughout his career to harness the power of the internet and the entire technological landscape to benefit his businesses. He also believes that through technology, he can more quickly pinpoint more precisely the specific consumer that needs what he and his businesses are selling.

Mark Weimer on Entrepreneurship and Business Growth

Mark Weimer believes in starting small. That willingness to start small and the patience to persevere through minor setbacks and pitfalls will provide the strength you need to build something substantial that will last. While starting small is a key, Mark never once thought or dreamed ‘small.’ Mark believes that his greatest successes have come from thinking about the big picture and dreaming of what the business could be early on. 

“If you think big and huge you can catch a wave that no one thinks is possible; everyone agrees with the idea but very few agree when the giant wave is actually coming.”

         Mark on Ideamensch.com

Mark Weimer, in an interview he gave recently, reminisced about his attendance at the Moscone Center when Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone. He talked about how Apple is the perfect example of a company that saw the wave coming and was the first to grab their surfboards and ride it in. Today, the tide has come in, and the iPhone is an integral part of most of our lives, and Apple is reaping the benefits. 

Mark Weimer’s Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

  1. Dream, but THINK bigger than you dream.
  2. When you think big, you might see the wave of the future coming and be the first to board.
  3. Be willing to start small.
  4. Have a big picture in mind, but be willing to change courses and navigate different ways to get to your destination.
  5. Don’t worry so much at the moment. You’ll miss the joy.


Marketing Strategy from a Technology Entrepreneur

As you have learned, Mark Weimer is a firm adherent to the power of the internet to reach more people who can benefit from your products and services. Mark continually comes back to the fact that every entrepreneur should always look at how to utilize learnings about consumers from the study of their online activity. Your primary marketing tactics can grow directly from the analysis and findings pulled from what you learn. 

Mark Weimer has spent his career focusing on the technology that he works with and, through that focus and belief, creating systems and platforms that directly affect consumers’ lives, making it easier for us to connect and grow into the future.

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