Why Bangkok is the Number 1 Digital Nomad Destination

The past 20 years has seen a new breed of entrepreneur emerge, namely the digital nomad; the freelancer who works online, which means he or she can live in any location. While we have no way of officially knowing how many digital nomad expats are living in Bangkok, it must run into tens of thousands and with that in mind, here are a few of the reasons why Thailand, particularly Bangkok, is such a popular base for digital nomads.

  • Cheap Accommodation – If you live in one of the many suburbs in Bangkok, you can rent a fully furnished studio condo unit for $250-300 in a luxury development with 24-hour security, swimming pool and fitness centre. Simply search online for Bangkok condo units and you will get a long list of property agents that have units to suit every budget.
  • Great Social Life – We all know how vibrant and lively the nightlife is in Bangkok and there are many other expats you will meet, and for the best co-working spaces, check out JustCo, where you can rent co-working space alongside other small start-up owners. Once you meet up with a few veterans, they will show you where to eat the best steak, where to sip your favourite cocktail in one of the rooftop sky bars and where to find the best full English breakfasts.
  • Stable, High-Speed Internet – While Thailand might be a third-world country, they put some European nations to shame when it comes to Internet coverage and speed. Most expats take out an unlimited net package on their smartphone sim, which allows you to hotspot your laptop and most locations in Thailand have a strong signal. 4Gbps is more than enough to handle your online workload and 5G is on the way, which will be a game-changer.
  • Tropical Beaches – If you are based in Bangkok, you are only a couple of hours drive from a stunning tropical beach and when the city gets too much, take a trip to the islands. During the week, the accommodation is cheaper than at the weekends, when Bangkokians like to travel for a short break. Three hours south of Bangkok is the tourist town of Hua Hin, while if you head east of Bangkok, Rayong in a beautiful costal town and if you don’t mind a long journey, Phuket is the premier tourist island in the deep south of Thailand. Indeed, there’s nothing to stop you from basing yourself in such a location, as the Internet service is top-notch, although you will pay more for accommodation. You might be wondering if now is a good time for a new business project, which this article looks into with some depth.
  • The Food – We hardly need remind you of how delicious Thai food is and some of the best street food in the world is found in the City of Angels. There are Chinese restaurants, seafood eateries with fresh fish and shellfish and whenever you fancy a MacDonald’s, pizza or Burger King, they can be found all across Bangkok.
  • The Climate – Thailand has a tropical climate, with the monsoon season that runs from the end of May to the start of November and even in the so-called winter, temperatures rarely drop below 18C. April and May are without doubt the hottest, but with a/c it is bearable. If the thought of sub-zero temperatures fills you with dread, sunny Bangkok is definitely the place to live.
  • Something for Everyone – Bangkok has something for every kind of person and getting around is easy with the BTS Skytrain, which runs through the city like veins, then there are the river taxis, which run up and down the maze of canals. If you search online, you will find lots of information about Bangkok; there are some amazing parks that commemorate Thai Kings and also themed parks for all the family, where you can enjoy the thrilling rides.
  • Low Cost of Living – While prices are rising, when compared to Europe or the US, living in Thailand is very cheap; a dish of fried rice, for example, would set you back a whopping 2 dollars! To give you some idea of how low the cost of living is in Bangkok, the average Thai lives very well on $500 per month and some locals don’t earn half that amount, yet they can afford to eat out and shop in the huge malls that Bangkok is known for. Click here to see the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s website.

There’s no doubt that Bangkok is one of the favourite destinations for the digital nomad and aside from all of the above, the Thai people are very warm and hospitable and Bangkok is a very safe place to live. Book into a hotel for one week and during that time, you can find the ideal condo unit in a luxury development and you can live the millionaire lifestyle in the amazing city called Bangkok.