5 Tips for Building Your Facebook Following

Facebook is still the king of social media – even though it’s starting to lose a little ground. Virtually every business can benefit from launching and being active on their Facebook page. But how do you build a following and keep that following? Here are five tips.

boosting Facebook engagement

1. Be Consistent

To succeed on Facebook – and any other social platform – you have to be consistent. That means posting at least once a day. Facebook is a little more forgiving than other platforms, like Instagram, but you still need to be active and engage with your audience if you want to attract more followers.

Growth will probably be slow at first. It may even feel like you’re wasting your time. But consistency and patience will pay off.

One way to stay consistent is to create a strategy and stick to it. Show up every day, and put your best content out there. It’s not enough to share content every week; you have to be active daily.

2. Share Great Content

Make sure that the content you share is content that your audience will love. Create or share content that will educate your followers and add value. If your content impresses your audience, they will be more inclined to share with their followers.

The more shares you get, the greater your reach.

It’s not enough to just share any kind of content. To succeed, you must be strategic and choose topics that are relevant, valuable and interesting to your audience.

You don’t necessarily have to create all of the content you share yourself. Try sharing relevant content from non-competitors that your audience might find interesting. The company SPT Pipe, for example, shares news stories that are relevant to their business. Those posts get just as many – if not more – likes than their original content posts.

3. Use Facebook Insights to Find Engaging Content

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How can you determine which types of posts get the most engagement? One way is through Facebook Insights.

Check out your posts statistics, and pay close attention to the engagement column. Here, you can see how many comments, reactions and shares your posts received.

Take a look at the posts that received the most engagement. Make note of the time you posted, the type of content shared, and the types of comments received on each post. Using all of this information, you can create or share content that your audience loves. This will – hopefully – increase your shares, likes and followers.

4. Add Your Facebook URL to Your Email Signature

How many emails do you send on a daily basis? Each message is a new opportunity to get more followers.

Include a link to your Facebook business page URL in your signature. This can be especially effective when sending quote emails, responding to clients, connecting with other influencers or answer reader questions.

5. Link to Your Business Facebook from Your Personal Facebook

One simple way to get at least a few followers is to link to your business Facebook page from your personal page.

Let your friends, family and professional connections on your list know that you have a Facebook page they might be interested in.

You might be surprised by how many people will “like” your business Facebook page from your personal page. Supportive friends and family will probably share your page with their followers, too.