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Facebook Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

Since the inception of Facebook, many other social networking sites have emerged that users sometimes find it hard to choose their favorite social networking platform. Every day Twitter trends break the internet, Instagram is more like a lifestyle, and WhatsApp is our daily buddy. But it doesn’t mean that in this vast puddle of social networking sites, Facebook has lost its significance.

Many businesses actually believe it!

You might have heard people saying that Facebook is no longer valid. It’s worthless to make your Facebook business page. That business should focus on other platforms rather than wasting time on Facebook. Well, if you refrained from forming your business page by taking in these words, then believe me you are losing a big-time kick. Facebook is still going strong, more than ever, and its $138.3 billion net worth is its proof.

Here are some of the Facebook features that can entice entrepreneurs to form a Facebook business page to ensure business growth:

See First Option – More Exposure:

2.38 billion active users, and what if you somehow grab their attention?

Facebook offers users the feature of news feed customization to prioritize their news feed updates as per their likeness and choice. If users have an interest in the posts of a particular friend, any social group or page, they can activate ‘see first option’ to get updates from the prioritized list.

If your business page posts good content – which triggers users’ interest, follows trends and satisfies their need, then why would people not click ‘see first option’ for your page? People are out their lingering on Facebook to find interesting and entertaining content. If you trigger them right on point, they will love to see your page. And you know what does it mean? More exposure – maybe not to the whole bunch of 2.38 billion people – but more than ever before.

User Recommendations – More Leads:

Facebook has updated its review feature and replaced it with recommendation feature. Now people don’t have to write long paragraphs of reviews about a business. Facebook now asks people that either they recommend a business to other people or not? If your page garners more recommendations from people, it will be a sign of your authentication and good services. And it’s one of the most significant things for a new business that people start trusting your services.

Once people start trusting your business, you will seamlessly gain more leads and expand your customer base. A simple Facebook page feature can have that much impact on your business growth. Here is how to ask for a recommendations on Facebook for seamless lead generation.

Facebook Beacon – Less Marketing Expenses:

Facebook Beacon is a small device which directs customers to your Facebook page, without any effort. You don’t have to say a single word, spend money on advertisement and send an email, but still, people visit your page. If this is a miracle, then Facebook beacon is doing it!

If you incorporate beacon in your business place, then people within its range can see information about your business on their Facebook. The only essential thing is that their location service and Bluetooth should be on.

With beacon, Facebook shows users ‘Place Tips’ about your business, which includes:

  • Your posts and upcoming events
  • Your offers and promotions
  • Reviews about your business

Marketing demands a huge sum of revenue, and businesses have to allocate a huge budget for this to promote their business. But Facebook beacon markets your business for free. Yes, this small marketing stunt is free, you just have to request it from Facebook – which is totally worth it! Starting a new business is difficult, but growing it is even more demanding. Facebook is like a blessing for entrepreneurs, which provides them with various means to grow their business without putting in much effort, money and time. Isn’t it amazing!