Hidden Facebook Ads Audience Targeting Strategies

Facebook Advanced Targeting Options

There’s no doubt that the power of Facebook ads is a force to reckon with and its audience reach is outstanding for campaigns. Facebook is a proven, ROI focused, and extremely tactical advertising platform. However, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle while strategizing ideas for a new campaign. Don’t worry, the experienced marketers at Feedster have unlocked our Facebook campaign vault to empower our readers.

We recommend that you try the following Facebook audience targeting strategies for your best ROI yet and to build incredible brand engagement.

Upcoming Birthday

Find this audience segment here:

Demographics > Life Events > Birthday > Upcoming birthday

Audience Description:

People who are going to have their birthday within one week

Campaign Execution:

This audience is perfect for setting up an evergreen campaign. The targeting enables your audience to always be “fresh” because it targets users who have an upcoming birthday within a week. This will bring new users into your audience as time goes on while kicking out users who’ve already had their birthday.

Recommended Campaign Objective:


Recommended Facebook Ad Unit:


Ad Copy Tip:

Write ad copy which speaks directly to the user.


Congratulations on your upcoming birthday! Enjoy a special 15% off entire order coupon code.  Hurry, this exclusive offer expires in 7 days!

Offer Coupon Code:


High Financial Net Worth

Find this audience segment here:
Demographics > Financial > Net Worth > 6. Over $2,000,000

Audience Description:
People in households that are likely to have a net worth of over $2,000,000

Data Source:

Partner Category based on information provided by Acxiom. Modeled based on age, income, presence of children, occupation, property data, vehicle data, investment interest, and census median data.

Campaign Execution:
This audience has the financial capacity to buy just about anything. If your product or service is niche, has value, or has a compelling brand story, this audience is perfect for a test campaign. When you acquire a new customer or client from this audience they tend to have a very high lifetime value (LTV).

Recommended Campaign Objective:

Recommended Facebook Ad Unit:


Technology Early Adopters

Find this audience segment here:
Behaviors > Digital activities > Technology early adopters

Audience Description:
People who are likely to adopt new technologies earlier than others.

Campaign Execution:
Your website is an online e-commerce store or a digital representation of your brand’s service. Users who have a high level of technology adoption more than likely are used to buying online. These types of users a proven to drive high ROI when the volume of traffic and engagement is delivered to the top of your advertising funnel.

Recommended Campaign Objective: Brand Awareness

Recommended Facebook Ad Unit: Carousel

Bonus Tip:

Parse device type at the ad set level!

Ad Set #1: Mobile – Behaviors > Digital activities > Technology early adopters

Ad Set #2: Desktop – Behaviors > Digital activities > Technology early adopters

Frequent Travelers

Find this audience segment here:
Behaviors > Travel> Frequent Travelers

Audience Description:
Travels regularly and are always on the lookout for places to visit.

Campaign Execution:
With the rise of the use of mobile devices and portable gadgets, it has changed how people travel nowadays. Today’s travelers often research their destinations first and then book it using their phone for faster transactions. This is done through apps where travelers can find all the info they’ll need.

Ad Copy Tip: All travelers appreciate a good deal when they see it. In your copy. appeal to this desire and extend a limited time offer as your lead. This will create a sense of urgency that will spur them to click on your ad. Headlines such as “Save $80 on flights to Yosemite National Park– Ends Tuesday”.

Recommended Campaign Objective:

Recommended Facebook Ad Unit:


Ad Set #1: Mobile – Behaviors > Travel> Frequent Travelers

Ad Set #2: Desktop – Behaviors > Travel> Frequent Travelers

Wrapping Things Up

In summary, you can see that Facebook provides a lot of opportunities when it comes to reaching different kinds of audiences. Just remember that for a Facebook ad campaign to work, you’d have to have a comprehensive strategy as well as relevant offers in order to target your ideal audience effectively.

Do you have any advanced targeting strategies? Have your Facebook ads campaigns recently plateaued? Are you having trouble scaling Facebook ads? The Feedster team has very limited capacity to help potential clients who are a perfect fit for what we’re offering.

The Perfect Fit Potential Client Qualifications:

  1. $10,000+ Facebook advertising spend per month
  2. Marketing video assets already created
  3. Website has Facebook Pixel already installed

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  • Another enriching content. Great work putting this together.
    I’ve got a question.
    What kind of data does Facebook have to tell ones Net Worth?

    • It typically syncs up the data it has. So trends, place of work, and then runs it against other databases. It is not the data Facebook has. It is all of the data points that help it pinpoint who someone is.

      Like finding a needle in a haystack – It has targeting accuracy.

  • I recently was reading about how Instagram does this and became fascinated with it. They work the same way Facebook does (being owned by them and all) and you can actually learn something from them on this. They know how to target people in a way to make them feel important while keeping true to themselves and expressing their wants and needs through ads. It is brilliant!