Increase Traffic to Your Webpage Using 7 Facebook Marketing Hacks

Increase Traffic to Your Webpage Using 7 Facebook Marketing Hacks




Generating traffic is the fundamental objective for any SEO, content or guest blogging service provider, which ranks such methods highly since they decide how many visitors will view your content.  No webpage or blog can thrive without a steady stream of traffic, which stresses importance on creating strategies to boost the number of visitors your blog and webpage receive.

While many mainstream strategies manage to get the job done, Facebook marketing remains an untapped niche which not only guarantees maximizing traffic but is also relatively unexplored by most marketing strategists.

Generating traffic from Facebook marketing requires understanding of how the social media platform and its users behave specifically, so that your marketing campaign can be modified for maximum efficiency. These 7 tactics will provide you the competitive advantage to create Facebook marketing campaigns that will attract visitors to your content.

  1. Mention Your Content



Use a short quote or mention of your website or blog post to relate to your content. Small quotations are easily shareable and will allow your blog to go viral. To modify your content to contain such shareable quotations, guest blogging services can be hired to create them. When shared on Facebook, users will not only be sharing your content but will ultimately click through to your webpage or blogpost, thus increasing traffic.

Be sure to share relate and catchy phrases which are in the same taste as Facebook users for maximum shares. Sharing images with text content relevant to them increases their effectiveness since photos are highly viewed and shared on Facebook.

Helpful Tips:

  • Share quotes or phrases which represent the core of your content.
  • Share short content to contradict mainstream ideas to generate controversy on Facebook, which will increase the visitors streaming to your webpage.
  • Adding photos of the content creator will intrigue viewers to search them up by clicking through to your blog post.
  1. Mentioning Link Isn’t Necessary



Mentioning link in the post within the text content is not necessary until a full size image is being posted. Remove link from the text before publishing content to keep the update neat. The short description of image should be relevant and redirect to the blog content when clicked on.

Helpful Tips:

  • When using full sized images, no need to go for other links that the actual one.
  • Keep the update clean and understandable while removing the link.
  1. Draw Interest Through Questions



Asking for ratings, responses, reviews of content or general feedback are all examples of questions which prompt the Facebook users to respond and click through to your webpage. Guest blogging services can create content which intrigues the viewers to answer and share their opinions, which makes them valuable resources in marketing campaigns. Remember to keep the questions relevant to your blog post so the visitors do not abandon when they reach webpage and discover the content to be irrelevant.

Helpful Tips:

  • Create questions which prompt action from the audience. Asking for reviews and comments to improve content interests the audience since it gives the opportunity to have their opinion heard and the content to be modified according to their wishes.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just basic questions; problem solving for rewards and trivias are good examples of how viewers can be convinced to respond to your questions.
  • Questions should be easily understandable and to the point so the viewers can respond to them without trouble of deciphering them first.
  1. Image Size Matters



Images attract attention faster than textual content, so keeping their size large allows audience to view them better. Facebook posts which incorporate images in their content receive 120 percent increased engagement as compared to those lacking images. It boosts your Click Through Rate (CTR), increases audience responsiveness and delivers your content as easily shareable for others to see.

Guest blogging services usually add full sized images in fresh content because they attract audience’s attention. How well they are received can be assessed by Facebook Insights and blog site metrics. Add text links with your blog and keep them to a minimum number of characters for neatness.

Helpful Tips:

  • Choose images which are relevant to topic and capture audience’s attention.
  • Monitor blog site and Facebook metrics to check how successful the image has been.
  • Keep text links to a limited number of characters which are relevant to the content.
  1. Blog Videos for Boosting Traffic



While text and images are mainstream for content, videos are excellent for delivering content for a number of reasons. They are concise, to the point, allow a vast amount of information to be delivered in a short period of time, depict more than what images and text can convey, are interactive and easily shareable.

This allows videos added in blogs to be shared when viewed and generate greater traffic. It serves as a summarization of what the Facebook users will get in the blog, thus can be used to attract visitors.

Helpful Tips:

  • Keep the videos relevant to content and short.
  • To capture Facebook users’ attention, embed video with the Facebook post.
  • Keep the video relatable and personalized by adding brand products, customer reviews and team members working for the brand.
  1. Small Updates for Greater Engagement



Blogs have a lot of text because they are the main content for attracting viewers. The same does not apply for Facebook, where CTR and maximum engagement can be achieved only through captivating, appealing content which is kept to as short as possible. By rule of thumb, the update should be no more than 140 characters to keep audience attention since users on Facebook tend to only skim through text content.

Helpful Tips:

  • Guest blogging services can be employed to optimize your content.
  • Keep updates under 140 characters.
  • Always remember to optimize content for mobile platforms.
  1. Relate with Your Audience



Followers nowadays are not just interested in the brand: they are looking for stories they can follow and relate to. Sharing quality content concerning brand activities outside business promotes a viewer friendly and promotes engagement.

Helpful Tips:

  • Share Lifestyle and DIY blogs and content with your Facebook followers to keep your brand relevant with everyday life.
  • Adding user feedback from questions allows them to post their ideas, encouraging engagement.
  • First person pronouns in content adds a personal touch, as if the brand is communicating with the followers, which personalizes the experience.

Earn Your Traffic Through Facebook Marketing



Among the multitude of social media platforms, Facebook is the most widely used with 1.71 billion users, which serves as an excellent medium for marketing to a maximum number of audience. Moreover, it remains vastly unexplored concerning the many opportunities it allows marketers to advance their campaigns.

With such rich prospects, Facebook marketing boasts user engagement and ability to attract traffic from which webpages can benefit significantly. By following these guidelines, you can run your Facebook marketing campaign successfully and attract a greater flow of traffic to your webpage and blog posts.

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