10 Interesting Valentine's Day Presents for Your Geekier Half

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are reading this article, chances are, you have no idea what to buy for your better half. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. But beware, the focus here is on geeky stuff.

Stranger Things

This TV show made a huge impact in America and around the globe. With its recent debut date and a huge fan-base, it is easy to find themed gifts in every store. Try surprising your loved one with POP! Vynil figure of Eleven with Eggos (with/without wig). Or, since it is cold in February, buy a pair of Stranger Things fair isle stockings, and fill it with eggos.

Star Wars

If your geeky half is a SW fan, then you won’t have any problem finding the gift, but since you are here, let’s give it a try. The stars of new trilogy may be Ray or Finn, but the real star is BB-8, and a Sphero App controlled BB-8 should be a big surprise. Not only that you use your mobile device for controlling, BB-8 also recognizes hand gestures and voice, you can also play mini-games with him.
If he/she likes putting ice in whiskey, or like making chocolate and candy, 8 Set Silicone Ice tray is a perfect gift. Iconic shapes like Millenium Falcon, R2-D2 and Death Star, and it is safe for freezer and refrigerator.

Anime subscription Boxes

If your loved one is fond of otaku culture, there couldn’t be a better gift than themed subscription boxes. Since there is an abundance of anime subscription boxes on the market right now, we’ll bring out options that are best by content quality and price.
Thinking of something cute? Kawaii box will flush your girlfriend with sweetness every month she opens a new one, and it’s only $17.90 per month.  From box that contains items, to keychains, pouches, candies, squishies and plushies, everything is so Kawaii she’ll cry candy tears!
Gotta catch ‘em all monthly hits boys and girls with the same amount of surprise. It is full of nostalgic collectibles and is $18.99 per month (but you can get a trial box for $24.99).
But if your loved one is a diverse Anime fan, try Lootcrate’s Loot Anime, one of the first companies offering this sort of boxes. High-quality collectibles and anime gear, each month different theme (and if you don’t like the theme, you can skip the crate), with 4-6 items in it. One month subscription is $28.95, but you can also choose 3 or 6-month plan.

Non-themed gifts

Is your Lover a Retro Geek? The My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld System for Gamers is a one in a kind gift. With more than 200 games on it, (including classics like Galaga), it is portable and lightweight with high-quality plastic for safe transportation. Colorful 2.5-inch screen with 4-way Joystick for the right arcade feel.
Some people like spending their time in the shower singing. If your lover wasn’t paying much attention during Chemistry classes (and you secretly don’t like his/hers singing) Periodic Table Shower Curtain should do the work. 71-inch beautifully colored semi-transparent blocks, playful way of reminding any bathroom visitor the basics of Chemistry.
Whether he/she is a novice or an expert in Astronomy, Omegon Universe 2go delights every user. It is a portable VR-like planetarium with 3 hours of explanations about constellations, stars, planets etc. This device catapults everyone to stars.
Nobody can miss with Pancakebot 3D food printer. You don’t need to be an expert. The etch both will anything no matter how complicated it may seem. Your only job is to make a mixture (don’t worry, recipe is included).
Not feeling inspirational, or don’t feel like any of these gifts can help? Well, you can always buy a giftcard (Gamestop or ThinkGeek). Your partner won’t feel ‘’betrayed’’ for not getting a gift and you won’t miss with buying a poor gift. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s day!