2018: Turn Your Departed Loved Ones into Beautiful Diamonds in The USA

2018: Turn Your Departed Loved Ones into Beautiful Diamonds in USA
Cremation diamonds are a unique way to celebrate the deceased
The Funeral industry in the USA is one of the largest in the world, valued at $20.7Billion. The industry owes its popularity to the ever-changing demand for uniquely customized alternatives to traditional burial through which the bereaved can commemorate their departed loved ones. One of the latest trends in the USA funeral industry is cremation diamonds in a beautiful gem.

How the Ashes of your Departed Loved One Can Be Turned Into Cremation Diamonds

Cremation diamonds are synthetic diamonds created from the carbon content of the cremated ashes of a deceased.
Swiss cremation diamond specialist LONITÉ, with an existing branch office in Buffalo, New York State in the USA uses specialized HPHT technology in their state of the art laboratory to create the conditions necessary as in the growth of a natural diamond. About 200 g of ashes or 10 g of hair are required for the creation of a cremation diamond and the carbon content of ashes differs in each case. The ashes are placed in a specialized crucible which is heated to over 5000F so every element oxidizes, except carbon and then the temperature is raised further so that carbon becomes graphite. The graphite with a metal catalyst and a diamond seed crystal are placed into the core which goes into a specialized diamond press capable of creating extreme tension thus bringing the pressure to about 800,000 pounds/square inches. During the last stretch when the press is working, the temperature in the room stays about 2500F so that the diamonds from ashes become solid. Cremation diamond creation takes about 6 to 9 months depending on the characteristics selected.

Besides cremation diamonds, other ways to handle ashes in USA include;

Scattering a loved one’s ashes in a place that they loved to be: a forest, the ocean or at their home. Places such as national parks require a permit for scattering ashes.
For the bereaved that want to have a physical place to visit even after cremating their deceased, burying the ashes is a good option.
Some people prefer to keep the ashes of their deceased, at home in urns. These can even be personalized into sculptures that look like the deceased.
A few service providers offer provisions of taking the ashes on a trip into the orbit and back to earth, a one-way ticket to an adventurous journey into deep space.
Launch the ashes in Fireworks: Fireworks shells can be modified to hold and scatter the ashes of the deceased in an amazing light show for the bereaved.
Some of the ash disposal methods like burying the ashes and scattering them in water are not environment-friendly as they pollute underground soils, water and the air we breathe with toxins. However, there are ecologically safer alternatives in the USA such as;
Ashes into a reef which involves putting the ashes of the deceased into cement mix before it is poured into the form which coral grows on.
Memorial tree: The cremated ashes are placed into a biodegradable urn which is then planted in the ground. In the long run, the roots expand through to give birth to a very beautiful tree.

Why Grieving American Families Opt More and More for the Cremation Diamonds Solution

Diamonds are the most solid material on earth which then qualifies cremation diamonds as a symbol of love and infinity.
Cremation diamonds represent physical continuity. The gem can be customized with personal traits of a deceased such that the bereaved feel closer to their loved one after they have passed on.
Cremation diamonds are an eternal tribute to the life the deceased lived. A tribute is an act that is intended to show gratitude, respect, and admiration for the deceased’s achievements and the memories of them left behind.
Cremation diamonds can be passed on from one generation to another on special life events such as weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties etc. as a family legacy.
Cremation diamonds are also possible for pets like cats, dogs, horses, birds etc. Pets being considered as members of a family, people in the USA are looking for new ways to honor their furry friends with respect to their loyalty and companionship. Pet diamonds from ashes have grown in popularity over the last few years not only in the USA but also Canada, Germany, the UK, and Japan. The process of pet diamonds from ashes creation is the same as in humans as long as you can provide 8 oz. of the ashes or 0.6 oz. of the pet’s fur or feathers.
Pet cremation diamonds are a powerful tribute to our furry friends

Cremation Diamond Cost in The USA: How Much Should You Invest?

The cremation diamond cost in the USA is dependent on the size, cut and color of the gem selected.
Cremation diamond cost in the USA ranges from $ 1,700 up to $17,000.
The diamonds from ashes cost of some gems may rise above $15,000 because of the extra technical effort required to produce them.  Extreme accuracy is required in precision and extra effort is needed to create a purely colorless diamond by removing boron and nitrogen from the ashes of a deceased prior to the cremation diamond creation process which in turn affects the cost of the cremation diamond.
Most modern families in the USA are looking for customized ways in which to celebrate the legacy of their loved ones after they have passed on. In an industry where the bereaved are usually exploited in their most trying time, cremation diamonds offer both uniqueness and affordability in sending off a departed loved one whilst eliminating the feeling of attaching a price to the love you have for the deceased.