6 Creative and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas for 2017

Picking a gift for a baby shower is not that easy, unless the hosts have already made a registered list of gifts they could use. So, if you are not sure what to buy, and by purchasing a mundane gift you take the risk of getting something someone else will also bring, then make sure to stick around. Here, we are going to list several really unique and creative gifts for a baby shower that mom will certainly find useful.

Furthermore, the list can inspire some out of the box thinking and help you to come up with a creative gift on your own. Moreover, bear in mind that a DIY project for this occasion is also a viable option, and you can customize it to make it more personal.

Here are some creative and unique baby shower gift ideas for 2017.

1. Quick-change crib sheets

Babies tend to be messy multiple times throughout the day, and very soon, parents will get tired of constantly changing sheets and diapers. Luckily, with this gift, you can make their job a lot easier, and as the time goes by, they will love you for it even more.

With quick-change crib sheets, changing a crib will be a cakewalk. The sheets offer three layers of protection, which ensures the baby is both dry and comfortable and that the crib mattress is fully protected. Also, whenever a baby makes a mess, you can simply remove the sheet.

2. Non-contact thermometer

Parents are constantly wondering if everything is alright with their baby. Babies can’t speak and tell you how they feel, which is why parents are being extra careful. This is going to be a perfect gift, since it will help parents monitor the health of their baby. The thermometer has two modes, and as such, it can measure temperature on the forehead and in the ear.

It is suitable for all ages, but it is especially useful for babies. When babies are asleep, there is no need to wake them up in order to take their temperature; you can do so by using a non-contact thermometer. The last thing any parent wants to do is wake their baby up; it is a scenario where nobody wins, so they will surely be thankful for this thermometer.

3. Recovery kit

The gifts people bring at baby showers are commonly for babies, which really makes sense, but a gift for a soon to be mom is also a viable option. You can get a recovery kit for her, considering how moms mostly think about the baby and giving birth and they are not preoccupied with thinking about recovery.

In other words, this is going to be an ideal gift for your future mom and there is a big chance that nobody else will think about it for your baby shower. You can either buy a premade recovery kit, or you go with a custom made option. Here are some of the things that should definitely be included in the recovery kit.

4. Baby Playpen Fence

You can buy something that the baby won’t use right away, but will definitely come in handy as he or she becomes more mobile. This is another difficult part for parents, as babies can easily wander off and get hurt.

Sure, people baby proof their homes, but still, having a way of knowing exactly where your precious angel is located is going to come in handy. The Baby Playpen Fence is going to be a perfect gift for a baby shower. Parents can use it whenever they are cooking or cleaning, and they’ll know where their baby is, by keeping it semi-confined.

Moreover, they can carry the Playpen Fence when they go on playdates. It is durable, easy to set up, and they can use it during Christmas to protect the area around the Christmas tree.

5. Baby banana training toothbrush

A gift that will come in handy for kids that are between 3 and 12 months old, as it is one of the best teething toys out there. It is a 100% Food Grade silicon banana that a baby can use when he or she is aching from sore gums. The baby banana helps by soothing these aches by utilizing a durable massaging bristle. It will also help parents maintain their baby’s oral hygiene.

6. Duo diary

Parents with newborns are focused on everything their child needs, and they quite often forget about themselves. With Duo Diary, you will give those parents a gift that will help them monitor postpartum health while they are nurturing their baby. The diary can be used for tracking all of the baby’s eating habits, like breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and pumping.

It can also be used to monitor other things like sleep, behavioral pattern, diapers, etc. Additionally, the diary reminds the mom to take care of herself by monitoring her intake of food, water, as well as her sleep and exercise routines. All things considered, it is a unique and useful gift for any occasion.

Hopefully, this list will help you select the perfect gift for a baby shower. There are a few ideas here that can also inspire you to create something great for the baby or parents, like the recovery kit for example, and there are gifts that are really going to come in handy and that people usually do not think of, like the thermometer and the play fence.

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