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7 Solutions to Help Provide a Safe Environment When You Live Alone

If you’re not used to being home alone by yourself, you may find it nerve-wracking to live alone. Every small sound from doors and windows freaks you out. Every little odd noise or creak may even cause you to become jumpy. Whether you’ve moved out into your own place or you’re going solo for the evening, the below solutions will help you feel more secure.

Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Securing a place of your own as a first-time homeowner can be an exciting prospect. In addition to the new dwelling, you may also get to make some amazing friends from within your community. No matter if you invite the people on your block party at a local pub or cook a meal for them, spending time getting to know your neighbors can prove valuable. This same group of people can also be helpful in keeping a watchful eye on you and your property.

If there are any potential issues, your neighbors can alert you or the police immediately of any wrongdoing. If you’re new to a neighborhood, try hosting an intimate gathering for the homes within your close circle. At the festivities, get to know one another by exchanging phone numbers and other pertinent information that can become handy in an emergency situation.

Invest in an Alarm System

Security alarms are one of the best ways to find peace of mind when living alone at home. The Nortek Security & Control systems are leaders in wireless security for your residential, commercial or personal systems. With today’s technological advances, you’ll be able to do things such as check out who’s ringing your doorbell while you’re stationed at work or secure your door locks while away on vacation. Security alarm systems are also equipped to detect smoke and carbon monoxide or send an emergency response team to a home site when alerted through a wearable personal safety device.

A simple burglary alarm can give you peace of mind!

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Implement an Emergency Plan

Emergencies can happen, and you don’t want to wait for a disaster to decide on how you’ll handle the situation. Whether it’s a burglary, home intruder, fire or fall, devise an emergency plan that will get you immediate assistance. An evacuation route or escape plan can provide assistance if you encounter a fire. A panic room or hidden closet can also come in handy in case someone breaks into your dwelling, and you need to hide until law enforcement officials arrive.

Keep Doors and Windows Secure

While you may think that crime happens in other communities, leaving your doors and windows unlocked only invites trouble. Once you arrive home, secure your doors and windows, especially when you sleep at night. You should also man your alarm and secure your home no matter if you go out for a walk around the neighborhood or to work for the entire day. If you’re wondering the best options, deadbolt locks are proven winners at keeping out unwanted guests. Your home security system may also provide options where you require a fingerprint or number code to access your dwelling.

If your windows are faulty (Drafty Or Easy to Break Into) then definitely check out Windows USA. You can also install blinds on your windows.

Turn on Outdoor Lights

A well-lit home can deter would-be intruders from entering the home. Keeping doors and windows locked to all exteriors is a given. Once the sun sets and the outdoor light begins to fade, you can turn on your exterior lights to the home. If you’re away on vacation or at work, set the lights on timers. You can also install motion sensors on your outdoor lights. When the detectors sense any type of movement, the lights will automatically go on. Technology has also made it easy for homeowners to turn lights on via smartphone or tablet app, so you don’t have to come home to a dark dwelling.

Check in with Family or Friends

If you live alone, it’s imperative you let a trusted friend, family member or neighbor in on your daily schedule. While you may deviate from that plan at times, a basic timeframe can alert others if anything seems off. You should also alert them when you travel. If they should ever see your newspapers or email has gone uncollected, the trusted group of individuals can do a wellness check to ensure you’re ok.

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Adopt a Dog

While dogs are a major commitment, they can provide security and comfort if you’re home alone. Select the best dog based on your home environment and size of the structure. Dogs are important family members who need love and the proper training. You can do this by ensuring that you have sufficient time to devote to their needs. Dogs of any size can be enough to scare off intruders, so you don’t have to get the largest of breeds. You can also post “beware of dog” signs outdoors or in a front window.

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Even the bravest of souls can have moments of anxiety when home alone. Everyday household sounds such as the ice maker or air condition kicking on can cause you to jump at the sound. The above strategies will help ensure your dwelling is safe and secure. The strategies will also make staying by yourself a more enjoyable experience.