Advantages of Hiring Professionals For Burglar Alarm Installation

Wireless alarm security systems are the best solution to all your security concerns. If you have suffered from a burglary in the past, or someone in your neighborhood went through it, it is understandable for you to get extremely conscious every time you step outdoors. The only way to release yourself from this constant pressure is to get a burglar alarm installation as soon as possible. 

Installing wireless house security system on your own

Wireless security systems come in kits that can be bought online or purchased from a store. If you are attracted to the idea of saving yourself some bucks and installing your home security system on your own, think twice. While you may save the cost of hiring a professional security installer, you may not get ideal results. Most people who venture in this direction end up wasting more money instead of saving.

Purchasing a security system kit is an easy task but its installation process is quite the opposite. Even if you get your security system up and running, it would not ensure the proper security of your property. Moreover, security systems need to be updated and maintained from time to time by an NSI approved company. If you install your security alarm yourself, you will not be able to utilize this benefit. 

Hiring a professional security alarm installer vs. the DIY solution

Installing a proper security alarm system consists of many precise actions that must be executed perfectly for the security system to be effective. If you are not a professional, you are unaware of the precision involved to carry out this task properly. A professional can estimate all of the security requirements of your property. They know all the ideal places to install the motion detectors, whereas an amateur may not be up for the task. Installing a DIY wireless home security system may seem appealing in terms of saving money, but it involves putting yourself and your property’s security on the line. 

The most concerning factor of this DIY solution is that it is impossible to figure out whether the security system you installed on your own is even working or not. By the time you will find this out, it would already be too late. Considering all of these factors, you must put your security before money and arrange a professional burglar alarm installation as soon as possible. 

Professionally installed home security system

There are several unparalleled advantages of hiring a professional for your home security system installation. Their security system is equipped with an emergency button that alerts the police as soon as an intruder breaks in. The system is also equipped with carbon monoxide monitoring, a fire alarm, and efficient key-holding service. Investing in a professionally installed home security system will ensure your safety and minimize all chances of a potential break-in.

Proper placement

If you choose to install an anti-theft alarm yourself, you might not be familiar with the dynamics of the situation. The professionals have a functional understanding of how the alarms are installed and where they should be installed, and what other considerations should be made. 

The anti-theft system isn’t just a bunch of motion sensors placed strategically; I’m the house. The CCTV, alarm monitoring, and security lights, etc., ought to be taken care of as well.  

If the alarms are placed beside a wall or at a wrong place, they might not go off at an intruder alert. 


Even though the idea of installing a burglar alarm yourself and avoiding professional expenses sounds like you are saving up, that is not the case if you look further deep into the subject. 

DIY installation alarms are usually costly. And purchasing a few of them and placing them haphazardly inside your house will do more harm than good. 

These packages consist of either one or a few more than one alarms. You will need a lot more than just them. Then, they have to be checked regularly, and maintenance costs exist too. So might as well hire a professional and get the job done without any risks.


The first thought that may come to a person’s head while installing the burglar alarms themselves is that many motion sensors need to be placed in every door and window. However, since it has already been mentioned that the professionals have a functional knowledge of the subject, they will determine the most appropriate places where a thief is likely to venture, according to the structure of your home.

They may or may not have the same ideas as to the best places for installing alarms. Because if you place the sensor at too much height, it might just go over the thief’s head, and if you put it where there’s too much regular activity, the alarm will go off now and then. 

And it is known that people tend to ignore alarms when they go off very often. So when the actual notice needs to be paid attention to, you might not do that. 

Thorough testing

After the alarms are fitted in the most appropriate places, there need to be at least a few rounds of thorough testing to ensure the proper working of your freshly installed systems. The engineers will determine if everything is where it needs to be, if the connections are correctly made, if the footage is running smooth, and if the alarms are not likely to be interrupted during day-to-day activities. 

Beyond just sound-making alarms

There are intruder alarms that do a lot more than just traditional sound making. You can get alarms that will detect fires, show you high-quality footage of scenes, send signals to the police whenever needed, and much more. You can place all these requirements in front of your professional, and they will determine what brand or systems you ought to be using. 


Much later, after they are installed, the system of alarms that you have installed needs to be checked to see if they are still working. Every few months, or once or twice every month, you need to call upon the experts and have them see if the alarms are still working. Without the checking process, you may put yourself at risk.