Are Your Parents Getting into Their Golden Years? Things to Look for in Senior Housing

Choosing a place to live as a senior is a difficult choice. Perhaps you have lived in the same house for decades, and now it is time to move somewhere new. This is a big decision to make, and there are a lot of things that you should consider before you make your final decision. One major thing you should examine during your search is the design of the senior living center. Senior living architects place a lot of thought into how the set up the location, and the final product says a lot about what you can expect from the location. Below are some things to consider about the design of senior housing locations, to hopefully help you make the best possible decision.

Shared Vs. Private Space

The first thing you should look at is how much space you will have to yourself. Will you have your own apartment, that comes with a private bathroom, kitchen, and living area? Or will you have your own bedroom, but the kitchen and living rooms areas are shared – such as in places that subscribe to The Greenhouse Project? There are benefits and drawbacks to both, and it will really depend on what you are looking for. Some people would prefer their own private place, while others are looking to move into small, tight-knit communities. The set up of the location is a large factor, so know what it is before you decide.

Nearby Attractions

Another major factor for any senior living center is the attractions that are nearby. Getting around isn’t always easy as you get older, so having places that you enjoy nearby is a great bonus. Perhaps having a coffee shop on campus is something that you’d like, or a park that is within walking distance. If you enjoy shopping, senior living centers that are located near malls may be something that interests you. Living in the middle of nowhere will be hard if you can’t get around on your own, so pick a place that has the things you love all nearby.

Healthcare Facilities

How well equipped is this location to deal with healthcare issues? It is an unfortunate fact of life that as we get older, we start to experience more problems with our bodies and minds. While you may not need the extensive facilities of a nursing home, you want your senior living location to be equipped to handle the types of issues you are likely to face. Is there a Memory Care Center? Do they have trained staff that can assist you? What sort of facilities do they have in the case of an emergency? There may come a time when your life depends on the healthcare services provided by the senior center, so check them out thoroughly before moving in.


Lastly, it is important to find a place that can not only take care of the large problems you may face, but has also anticipated the small ones. For example, many seniors experience arthritis in their hands as they get older. While this condition does not need around the clock care, it can impact your daily activities. Arthritis can make things like opening up a window difficult, and you don’t want to need to call someone every time you want fresh air. Rather, it would be better if your place had windows that were designed with arthritic hands in mind, and are easy to open.

There are a lot of little things that senior living facilities can do to improve quality of life. Think about the small challenges you are likely to face in your daily life, and see how each senior living center caters to this issue. You want a residence that is senior-friendly, and not only focused on the big issues.

Take Time With Your Decision

When you choose a place to live as a senior, you are likely going to be there for a while. You want a place that you will be comfortable in long term, and that will be able to assist you in different ways as you grow older. Just like you wouldn’t rush into the decision on which house to buy, you should place the same weight on which senior living center to choose. When considering each option, take a look at how the location is designed, and try to decide if they had the needs of seniors in mind. If so, you can rest easy knowing your stay there is likely to be a good one.